Before buying that fridge you love, wouldn’t you like to know how it fits in your new kitchen? Now this is possible thanks to the partnership between Lowe’s, American company leader in house furnishing, and Microsoft HoloLens.

It was announced by Scott Erickson, General Manager at HoloLens project, in a post on Microsoft’s official site: the holograms of the most famous headset on the market will help us with design and projecting better houses (for now just better kitchens), holographically visualizing them before purchasing.

“It can be difficult to conceptualize a full-scale remodel using just sample squares and paint swatches,” we read on the post. ” Now people can view, in life-like realism, large items like cabinets, appliances and countertops in size and scale with incredibly high-definition options and detailed finishes.”

In fact, as we already know from other cases, HoloLens’ holographic recreations are pretty detailed and show objects and people as they were right in front of our eyes; the images definition is so good you can actually see the differences between shiny chrome appliances versus matte brushed aluminum options.

It will be enough to wear HoloLens headset to “be able to experience a holographic representation of a completely new kitchen, adjust finishes and options instantly, and share their designs easily online”, so friends can actually help us with advice.

With this system, Lowe’s will be able to offer to its customers a new way to experience full-scale design and appliance options while maximizing precious floor space in the store.

For now, Lowe’s started the pilot test of its augmented reality kitchens at the Lynnwood Store in the greater Seattle area and it’s planning to extend it soon to Raleigh, in North Carolina.