Thanks to mixed reality we generate value for our custumers. What is your business?


Augmented Catalogues

Allows having all samples – including prototypes – in your pocket wherever you are.

  • Much more effective presentation of your offer.
  • Greater involvement of the end customer.
  • Real-time distribution of your offer across the world
  • Speed in updating the commercial offer

AR Maintenance

Receive instructions in order to monitor and repair industrial machinery without having to call customer service.

  • Reduction of assistance costs
  • Increased production efficiency
  • Resolve technical problems without requiring on-site interventions
  • Possibility to carry out repairs from a distance

Furniture Simulators

Experience the thrill of owning a product.

  • Experiential presentation of the products
  • Cost reduction for samples and prototypes
  • Real-time distribution of your offer worldwide
  • Speed in updating the commercial offer

VR Showroom

Provide the user with an immersive experience thus allowing him to experience the environment as if he were physically present.

  • Allow to view different environments without moving
  • Experience environments that do not yet exist
  • Display all products

Virtual Training

Change the way you train your staff by simulating a real work environment.

  • Greater effectiveness and persistence of training experiences
  • Possibility to recreate particular conditions such as problems or failures
  • Zero risks related to training

Virtual Prototyping

View and evaluate your projects before commencing production.

  • Presentation and evaluation of the project idea
  • Find all errors made during the design phase
  • Direct interaction with the virtual prototype as if it were real


3D AVATAR that guides your customers and helps them in discovering your products, while visiting a city or as a support at a trade show.

  • 3D Avatar

    Totally customizable and animated. Human, animal or purely fantastic in order to meet the characteristics of your brand

    Natively multilingual and linked to the language of the operating system, the lips move according to speech bringing more attention to the user

    As a business support, as a tourist guide, as hostess at the fair, as an e-learning trainer... challenge your imagination