Thanks to mixed reality we generate value for our costumers. What is your business?


AR experience

Innovate your communication tools (technical cards, brochures, instructions...) by breaking the barrier between the physical and digital.

  • Greater involvement for the final customer.
  • Differentiation in competition.
  • Velocity in updating the contents of catalogs, stands, and advertising

Augmented Maps

It facilitates the exploration of a location by collecting data about user preferences.

  • Experienced location presentation
  • Greater involvement of the public
  • Information collection about public pathways and activities
  • Creating ad hoc business opportunities

Augmented Catalogues

Allows having all samples – including prototypes – in your pocket wherever you are.

  • Much more effective presentation of your offer.
  • Samples and prototypes cost reduction.
  • Real-time distribution of your offer across the world
  • Velocity in upgrading your business offer

Hey Presto

Augmented reality tools within any company’s reach.

  • Up-to-date business tools
  • Greater involvement of the market
  • Integration of traditional tools (reports, manuals, adv...) and digital content
  • Creating ad hoc business opportunities

Furniture Simulators

It makes you feel like you own the product.

  • Experiential presentation of the products
  • Samples and prototypes cost reduction
  • Real-time distribution of your offer across the world
  • Fast update of your business offer

VR - Immersive Experience

Provides the user with an immersive experience as if he was physically there.

  • View different environments without moving
  • Experience non-existent environments
  • Creating ad hoc business opportunities


3D AVATAR that guides your customers and helps them in discovering your products, while visiting a city or as a support at a trade show.

  • 3D Avatar

    Totally customizable and animated. Human, animal or purely fantastic in order to meet the characteristics of your brand

    Natively multilingual and linked to the language of the operating system, the lips move according to speech bringing more attention to the user

    As a business support, as a tourist guide, as hostess at the fair, as an e-learning trainer... challenge your imagination