HoloChess: Star Wars’ AR chess soon will be reality

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May The Fourth, the famous Star Wars Day, is passed but the fever for one of the most loved sci-fi sagas in the world is not gone at all: today we talk about it in relation with augmented reality.

How many of you have seen Episode IV: New Hope? Out in 1977, many will remember that it featured a pretty curious game: it was a holographic chessboard with little alien creatures figures in pure sci-fi style. Well, now the creator of the game decided that the time has come to make it real, thanks to augmented reality.

Some days ago on Kickstarter appeared a new crowdfunding campaign for a game called “HoloGrid: Monster Battle”, that is no less than a version of the famous HoloChess.

The idea is from Phil Tippet, creator of the game and of the scene in the movie, the developer will be the game studio HappyGiant.

HoloGrid will use a technique known as photogrammetry to scan and create 3D renditions of physical objects: Tippet is physically creating the models to scan and insert them in the game.

For now it won’t be exactly the game we saw in the movie, but a version that could be enjoyed thanks to cards and a game board. The plan, however, is to create a version pretty close to the one we all seen.

The Kickstarter campaign will be used to fund the creation of the app for iOS and Android. For HappyGiant this is the first time in the field of AR: “This is our first step into a new world of AR gaming,” says the president Mike Levine, “and while we are launching it on mobile initially so everyone can play it, our long term vision is to bring it to emerging AR and VR platforms.”