Apple hires a famous VR and AR researcher

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It’s some time that we are waiting for the step that surely Apple will be taking in the direction of alternative realities: the last purchase was Faceshift, the company developer of a software known for analyzing the facial motions of an actor and transcribing them as 3D animation (as seen in Star Wars), but the signals in this direction are countless. Earlier there was the purchase of Metaio, the company developer of an augmented reality software, and then of the 3D outfit PrimeSense, usable with Kinect, and also the hiring of a former Microsoft employee that was working on the HoloLens project.

Now another news made the first page of the magazines, and it is again a hiring in the world of alternative realities: Apple hired Doug Bowman, a researcher and professor at Virginia Tech who is specialized in virtual and augmented reality. Bowman is not only a specialist in the research of these two types of alternative realities, but he is also an expert of 3D user interfaces and his work is mainly to develop the design of these interfaces and to study the advantages of immersing in virtual environments. The researcher has won awards for research into virtual and augmented reality, with projects such as “VR for Sports Anxiety” and the augmented reality videogame “Llamas vs. Kiwis”, and also, with a group of colleagues, a grant from Microsoft to conduct research with the company’s augmented-reality Hololens glasses.

Mr. Bowman didn’t release any comment about the news and, it seems, writing to his mail at the University an auto-responder says that he is away for sabbatical leave until August 2016; Apple, on its side, didn’t say what will be the role of Bowman inside the company, but it is easily deducible.