Beam Suntory shows us the bourbon production using augmented reality

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Competition in the retail ambient is vast; among the brands sure of this there’s Beam Suntory, bourbon producing company.

Every day more companies come to terms with the fact that, to overtake competitors and stand out between the great quantity of brands that a client can easily find on shops and supermarkets’ shelves, traditional advertising is not enough anymore. To attract the attention of the possible client you have to give him an unforgettable experience, possibly leaving him amazed. This is when augmented reality and experiential marketing come into play!

“The liquor store is a saturated environment, so we need to truly stand out in order to reach new consumers and educate shoppers on bourbon,” Michelle Cater, senior director of commercial marketing at Beam Suntory, says. “Based on our research, we know that new bourbon drinkers are eager to learn more about what makes bourbon unique. With augmented reality technology, we are able to engage shoppers in an immersive and interesting way.”

This is not the first time that Beam Suntory mixes its advertising with new technologies: already from some months the company is using the marvels of virtual reality to promote its Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Bourbon; now, understood the potential, the company decided to rely on augmented reality too, using BlippAR to create an app, “The Bourbon Revival”, that explains us how bourbon is made.

The Bourbon Revival app works with any smartphone; the users download the BlippAR app and simply use it to scan the AR codes found on the bottles or on the shelves. Through this the user will see 3D contents appearing, such as the experimentation of recipes and cocktails.

Bourbon lovers or not, surely now we are all curious 😉