PolyEyes 2.0: augmented reality gives us the vision of a chameleon

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Augmented reality, for its own nature, can easily become an upgrade of the human body; among the many avant-garde projects, this is confirmed also by the new headset created by University College London’s Interactive Architecture Lab, that will make possible to see what we have around without moving our heads.

Its name is PolyEyes 2.0 and, in its bizarre shape, it reminds of an hammerhead shark but lets you see as a chameleon: this headset features a Raspberry Pi camera module on each side, able to rotate close to 180-degrees, so the wearer can have a wider view than the normal one. The view field inside the helmet is separated in two half, and every of the two parts shows the projections of what the two cameras are shooting around us: this is how the wider vision is made possible.

PolyEyes 2.0 is part of a bigger and more ambitious project, that aims to the creation of a complete suit that will make possible for a person to feel what another person is experiencing. This suit is called “Polymelia Suit” and it’s made of many prosthesis: the idea is that, once wore all this, it will send to another person what we are feeling, doing or seeing; the other person will experience the emotion of being us.

Saying it with Interactive Architecture Lab’ words: “We think of the body as the original prosthesis we all learn to manipulate, so that any replacement or extension becomes part of a continuing process of upgrading the human entity.”