At the Microsoft keynote from the E3 2015 press conference, that took place in Los Angeles just few days ago, Microsoft presented a long awaited preview of the famous game Minecraft played with HoloLens.

In fact, it was already known that Microsoft and Mojang were developing a version of Minecraft for the augmented reality headset HoloLens, and, as expected, they decided to give a spectacular proof of the potentialities of the game and the headset together.

In front of the E3 public, Microsoft’s Phil Spencer presented the special version of the game with HoloLens in action.

As first thing, the sandbox version of the game, thanks to augmented reality, can be played wherever: in the video you will see that, with just only a vocal command, a complete, playable Minecraft world appeared on a table. The stability of the hologram, even while the man was moving around, remained perfect, as well as the visibility of the objects. The view was perfect even zooming closer, so much to see inside the buildings.

There was a moment when the presenter wanted to follow another player in the game: the vision zoomed on the player and smoothly started to follow the character.

The commands to interact with the game are just the voice or the Microsoft’s “air tap” gesture where you raise your index finger and tap down, but there’s the possibility of using also the typical controller.

The news are many and the public was very happy of these new features; HoloLens is waiting to be out around January 2016 with the special Minecraft version at a very affordable price.