Minute of Life: augmented messaging is here

Many brilliant ideas linked to augmented reality search for funding on Indiegogo: last week we talked about the crowdfunding campaign (still on) for the production of the glasses for cycling Senth IN1; today is the time of a project that ended its own campaign with a big success: it’s “Minute of Life”, that reached 101% of the set quote in just two months.

Minute of Life is an innovative messaging service existing in two versions: in the traditional one the user can buy a minute of space during which a personalized message for your special one will remain available on the site; you will just need to send a message to the person with the exact time to watch it.
The second version, based on augmented reality, permits to insert your own video message on any real life object: through a AR tag and a smartphone the addressee will be able to see it projected directly on real life. Minute of Life has a record: it’s the first service that gives directly to the users the possibility of creating the final augmented product.

Watch this video tutorial to understand something more:

Basically, going on Minute of Life’s site you can create a video message and/or a slide of pictures; then, talking about the augmented reality message, paying a quote you can buy sets of markers to apply on the object you want the message to appear on; they can be QR codes or tags and there’s also the possibility of making personalized t-shirts. Then, after downloading the app (avaliable for Android and iOS), the mechanism will be the same that we saw in many other projects: it will be necessary just to focus the tag to watch the video that we made or that someone dedicated to us!