[VIDEO] Transform your smartphone in a hologram projector

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It’s August, most of us are in holidays and have some more available time than usual: while waiting to finally get in our hands a virtual reality or augmented reality headset, why don’t we try having fun with our smartphone? From videogames to furnishing, to makeup, there are many apps to download for trying augmented reality on your mobile devices, e.g. Experenti’s one, that you can download for free for Android and iOS and test with our example tags.

Now you can also have fun transforming your mobile device in a hologram projector thanks to the video tutorial created by Mrwhosetheboss, that became viral in no time.

The materials needed are pretty common and it’s very easy to build.

You will need:

– graph paper

– pen

– cd case

– tape

– knife

– scissors

– smartphone

Follow the video to:

– draw and cut a trapezoid on the graph paper

– use the shape to draw the trapezoid on the case

– create four of these shapes and tape them together to build a lens

Now you just have to go to the video-demo link in the description of the tutorial, put the lens on your smartphone’s screen and prepare to be surprised!