Good news! Today we welcome another client among our collaborations: meet Corà Parquet, company leader in the world of wood products and flooring in Italy, and their new, emotive and experiential promotion.

Experenti created for them the application called “Corà Parquet Live”: thanks to augmented reality, through the app you will be able to browse Corà’s entire products catalogue directly on your smartphone or tablet, using your real indoor ambient and rooms as landscape, so to have a preview of what the result will be.

You will be also able to compare the different products, to take pictures and to ask via mail all the information you need about them.

One of the best parts is you will not be alone in your “augmented” adventure discovering the world of Corà: you will have the company of Arte, an avatar who will come to life in front of your eyes to become your virtual assistant and help you choose the very right product for you.

Do you want to try this new application and to know better Corà’s catalogue?

You can download for free the app, available for iOS and Android, and the tag we prepared for it (you will find it also on the dedicated section of the company site or on the last page of their catalogue Corà Parquet 2016); then you just need to focus on it with your mobile device and an unforgettable experience will start: just choose between the different ranges of products or colors available and you will see your new wooden floor directly in your room.

Ready for WOW? Let us take you on a trip for an Experenti experience, where real and virtual world are meeting to leave you speechless!