Bicycle fans, here is a big news for you: on Indiegogo has been launched the campaign to crowdfund a new augmented reality headset dedicated to enhance cycling experience!

Its name is Senth IN1, it comes from China and in just a month it almost reached the set goal of $40.000 for its campaing, but the project is older than this: Li Jiwen, engineer with a passion for cycling, and his crew at InSenth started working on the smart cycling glasses in late 2012 and from then they wanted to create a headset giving a new, incredible experience through augmented reality.

On Indiegogo we can read the creator’s words: “I love cycling. Some experience can only be achieved on the bike. I want to share what I see with my friends, access my real-time cycling data, interact with bikers to make my journey more exciting. Now we make it reality. You can do all these things during cycling. We are always on the ways and never stop!”

The concept at the base of this new headset is easy: the device is based on augmented reality and communicates with Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth technology, so the bikers are able to receive and make calls while riding and also to have in front of their eyes all kind of useful information like ride data (current speed, distance traveled, calories burned, etc), other users nearby, routes, and warnings of oncoming vehicles. Not just this: Senth IN1 can be used also to record video or take pictures without using the hands. It could be defined as a Google Glass for cycling, since like in the Google’s product a small transparent video image is projected in the lower corner of the user’s field of view; the user can communicate with the headset through remote, head movement, a little touchpad on the side of the glasses or voice command. Last but not least: it is completely waterproof.

This headset will probably be the dream of many cycling fans; to know something more watch the video below: