If we say Google Goggles, you know what we are talking about? For those answering no, here is the explaination: Goggles is a project very close to augmented reality, presented by Google in 2010 that lets you search through the use of images. At the moment it seems pretty sci-fi, but soon it could be one of the tools we commonly use on our smartphones.

Some days ago, in fact, rumors spread saying that Google is planning to add a new feature related to Goggles inside its Android camera. This new feature will let you take advantage of the tool to take pictures and receive straight away information on what is portrayed inside them.

Essentially, it will be possible to take pictures of famous or recognizable objects and use Google search engine to receive information about them: SlashGear says that you will only have to take a picture and then trace an outline around the object you want information on, getting rid of background noise and clutter; Android will recognize it and will give you all the data you requested.

If this is not enough, Goggles can read text in eight languages (italian, english, spanish, german, french, portguese, russian and turkish) and translate them. It works also as a barcodes reader and QR codes scanner, pretty good feature in the case you want to save someone’s contact on your phone directly scanning QR or business cards, and it can even solve Sudoku puzzles.

It seems that Goggles has been tested also with wearables: it’s actually easy to imagine it used in an augmented reality headset.