This is one of those periods happily full of news: while part of the team was around for the events where we presented our project (Smau 2015 in Turin) or busy collecting prizes (Best Innovation Internship), the other part was going on preparing contents to share with you something more about us. Here it is a new long video to show various applications of Augmented Reality in marketing and some ideas of what we can do for your business:

Maybe, before watchin this, you never thought you can use Augmented Reality for:

e. g. an interactive food menu, showing not just only the ingredients of your plates, but even how they look. Yummy, isn’t it?

e. g. 3D catalogues; the public will not just see the pictures of your products, but they will be seeing them as they are right in front of their eyes.

e. g. big data to show, and the classic ways are boring? Or maybe you want to impress your clients? Nothing better than showing them the results in a way that they’ll never forget.

e. g. interactive architecture, to make your projects easily come to life: the best way to give a taste of how they’ll look in every part.

e. g. make all those necessary maintenance work hours fly away: with data and instructions it become easier to find exactly what is needed.

e. g. create engaging packaging by giving a lot more information on the product and showing video and other interactive materials to enhance your customers’ experience.

e. g. what if you could mix reality and digital with just only the click of a smartphone? With us you can do it: your movie posters come to life, showing trailers and interactive information.

Experenti: we are the right choice for your WOW marketing solutions.