During last days, Apple Inc. was on the lips of all Augmented Reality fans thanks to some news related to this famous new technology.

It’s not a news the competition between Google and Apple, especially when it is about the voice based search components: if Google owns the powerful Google Now (about which has been announced an enhancement soon at Google I/O conference few days ago), Apple unveiled a new feature they’re working on. The feature is called Proactive and it is expected to come with iOS 9: it will replace, or become part of, the traditional Spotlight search menu and it will be fully integrated with Siri, Contacts, Maps, Calendars, Passbook and more. Ok, but what about Augmented Reality? Rumors say that Proactive will not just be integrated with Apple Maps, but it will show them in augmented mode: it seems that in few years, maybe months, all the iPhone owners will be used to 3D maps and to know a lot more of useful information that will be showed on them through a feature called “Browse Around me” .


As we said, these are rumors and everything could change suddenly; but another news that came out lately seems to confirm what we heard. Few days ago, Apple acquired the German company Metaio: they are the developers of an important Augmented Reality Software that uses a particular language called AREL (AR Experience Language) and that provides the tools for other developers to produce augmented experiences within their own apps. It is used especially for developing travel-related companies apps.


To give a better idea, these are two examples of works done using the Metaio software:

The Berlin TimeTraveller App

Ferrari’s Showroom App

Proactive + Metaio: these news gives a pretty clear suggestion of the direction that Apple, even if in late compared to other big companies, is taking. Now we can only wait and see what happens, but surely it will not be long.