We are very proud to announce that Experenti has been chosen again by StartupItalia among the 100 most innovative Italian startups!

StartupItalia from two years had been monitoring the ambient of startups and innovative ideas in Italy, and every year, as a result of their research, they publish a list of 100 startup chosen on the basis of different criteria, from the innovation one to the value added from the project to the startup ecosystem; this year they organized also the unmissable Open Summit, held on the 14th December in Milan.

Experenti took part to the Open Summit as innovative startup, part of the selected list. It’s been a good occasion to meet colleagues and representative of other startups, and to wish everyone in advance an happy festive period.

We want to thank StartupItalia for including us in this list and all those people that everyday believe in our project!

You can find the list of the 100 selected startups on the official blog: Ecco le 100 startup migliori del 2015 secondo noi

Expo 2015 just ended and Experenti took part in it too: in the occasion of this event, we created an app to augment the cultural, natural and enogastronomic paths of Veneto, a wonderful region of Northern Italy.

The app is called “Veneto Experience” and it’s been created to apply experiential marketing to the promotion of the territory: thanks to augmented reality it is possible to know Veneto’s history and excellence products, choosing the right itinerary for us.

How does it work? It’s easy! You just have to find the visual material linked to the initiative and to download the app, freely available for Android and iOS; now you just have to focus on the tags on flyers and promotional material and…to live the experience of exploring the rich territory of this marvelous region in an innovative and interactive way!

– You want to browse among all the available places? The app offers maps with dynamic POI (point of interest): focusing with your mobile device, the map of Veneto comes to life and shows the various point of interest; on the side you’ll find a menu to choose the categories you prefer: you can visualize pins related to nature, art and culture, industry, handicraft, agribusiness or touristic services.
When touching the pins on the screen an augmented reality pop-up will appear, showing information about the place and related images.

– First time in Veneto and you don’t know what to choose? Veneto Experience can help you: in addition to the thematic POI, the app lets you choose also between four set itineraries, studied to focus on just as many excellences.

– If this isn’t enough, there’s another feature that will make you say WOW: do you know the winged lion, symbol of Venice? Well, he will be your special guide! Inside the app you will find an augmented reality virtual assistant with the venetian lion appearance; he will answer your questions and help you creating the right map, guiding you through interests, topics and zones.

After the augmented tour that helped us discover ancient Rome and its Imperial Forums, Italy’s capital decided to surprise us again creating an amazing initiative featuring once more augmented reality.

This time is the turn of Ara Pacis, that will have back its original colors with tridimensional lights to make the tourists revive the history of the ancient altar that the Emperor Augustus dedicated to peace.

Wearing headsets for augmented reality and headphones, the visitors will live an engaging and immersive experience: they will be able to attend a show made of colors and 3D lights, reviving the atmosphere and the beauty of the monument in all its ancient magnificence; at the same time they will listen to the story of Ara Pacis through an audio document available in five different languages.

Giovanna Marinelli, Assessor of Culture in Rome, said:

“Since soon there will be Jubilee, we studied a new project to give value to our cultural heritage. We thought Ara Pacis was perfect since last year, illuminated and colored, had an extraordinary success among the public. In that occasion was made a 3D model of the altar on which, following philological and historical parameters, was affixed the original color and this permitted us to recreate the original polychromy without risks for the conservation. This year we thought to go beyond and to give visitors a more engaging experience thanks to augmented reality and last generation glasses.”

Augmented reality applied to tourism is a growing trend, and this is why Experenti thought to different solutions that can transform museums, cities, artworks in exciting cultural experiences; do you want to know how?

Have a look to the magic solutions we can create to transform your touristic and cultural tours in a Wow experience!

Massimo Vian, CEO of the Italian eyewear colossus Luxottica, announced that soon there will be a new version of Google Glass.

In January, Google stopped the sales of the first version of the Glass eyewear, released in 2013 to users who applied to test the internet-connected device; the reason for this sudden change of mind was explained by Google Glass chief Ivy Ross, who revealed that a new version of the eyewear device would be cheaper and have longer battery life, improved sound quality and a better display, adding that they are working on pairing the device with a wide range of familiar types of eyewear.

This made a lot of users think that the big G was shutting down the Google Glass project, but we already could sense something was moving, since during March 2014, Luxottica’s CEO announced that they were starting a partnership with them.

Massimo Vian told shareholders: “In Google, there are some second thoughts on how to interpret version 3 [of the eyewear]. What you saw was version 1. We’re now working on version 2, which is in preparation.”

This clearly means that, even if he didn’t give a certain time for the release, the second version of Google Glass is on its way. In fact, a press release from Luxottica explained that “the two Corporations will establish a team of experts devoted to working on the design, development, tooling and engineering of Glass products that straddle the line between high-fashion, lifestyle and innovative technology.” Moreover, two of the most famous Luxottica’s brands, Oakley and Ray-Ban, were mentioned to be part of the project.

It seems that Google will not be the only partnership that will take Luxottica in the world of advanced technology and glasses: they made another announcement saying they are collaboranting with Intel on different wearable eyewear products; we’ll see hopefully the first results in February or March of next year.

We are happy to announce that the Experenti Team will be taking part at SMAU, the biggest italian Information & Communications Technology Fair, that will take place the 29th-30th April in Turin.

Barbara Bonaventura and Amir Baldissera will be there to answer to all your questions and doubts related to:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Innovative marketing
  • How to create a startup and make it work

In the case you will be at the Fair and want to book a meeting with our Team, you can do it using the hashtag #chiediaExperenti.

Also, in the afternoon we will be talking about our project in two free seminars:

  • 3.00 PM, Room 1: Barbara Bonaventura, Experenti Marketing Manager, will talk about the Marketing that works

  • 2.00 PM, Room 1: Amir Baldissera will explain how Augmented Reality can help a traditional business


If you will be visiting the Fair, you can register for free to Barbara’s workshop here and to Amir’s workshop here.

Passionate about Art and Augmented Reality? At Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia, Italy, there will be the exhibition you are waiting for: “Piero della Francesca – Il disegno tra arte e scienza” (The drawing between art and science) is held from March 14 until June 14.


This isn’t only an exhibition showing the amazing works of Piero della Francesca and the other protagonists of the theory and practice of perspective drawing and architecture of Italian 15th and 16th centuries, but also an occasion to enjoy the Italian Renaissance Art through multimedia installations and Augmented Reality apps.

About a hundred works will be displayed, accompanying the visitor along a path that follows the various chapters of “De Prospectiva Pingendi” (On perspective in painting), one of the most important testimonies of the work made on perspective by Piero della Francesca, so that walking from a room to another will be a bit like leafing through the treaty’s pages. The drawings of the treaty are transformed into 3D models and the famous “Ideal City” of Urbino, one of the masterpieces of Renaissance perspective, will be explained through Augmented Reality.


If you want to see an example of the use of Augmented Reality in art, just download Experenti’s app (free for Android and IOS) and use it on the “Museum” tab of our Press Kit: after seeing our WOW experience you will not want to miss the exhibition!