Would you like your artwork to be displayed in a National Gallery or a big, important museum? Technology can help you thanks to augmented reality, or at least did it in the case of the digital artist Trevor Jones.

The artist, in fact, decided to promote his personal exhibition, that will be held from 2nd to 9th September 2015 in his city, Edinburgh and that is not casually titled #EdinburghHacked, creating an app that, thanks to augmented reality, will show his artworks on big historical masterpieces.

For the realization of this project, Jones worked closely with David Oxley, IT consultant and Director of Numeriq Ltd; the two projected and created a mobile app that people can download on their smartphones and tablets to interact with the many AR tags places around Edinburgh and on some of the artworks in the National Gallery of Scotland.

The idea at the base of all project is to take the artworks our of galleries transforming the city itself in a gigantic interactive exhibition. Anyway, the promoted exhibition is itself pretty innovative; as the artist himself says: “This exhibition will connect paint with augmented reality, morphing software, social media, and more to create an interactive space that evolves and changes with those who engage with it.”

But is all this legal?

The question is spontaneous, and Jones’ action seems partly also an interesting research linked to this: “I am interested in this notion of who owns digital space as there is really no information about it.”

The answer of the spokesman for the National Galleries of Scotland seems to be positive: “Visitors to the National Galleries of Scotland are free to take photographs of most of the artworks on show for their personal use and we are also very happy for them to use these images as the basis for their own dreams and imaginative journeys.”

What is sure is that, thanks to augmented reality, the exhibition is on everyone’s lips and surely will be a great success. Then, as Jones confessed, he always dreamt to see his artwork displayed at the National Gallery, now he can see not less than 15! 😉

Watch the video of the artworks around Edinburgh:

And the one at the National Gallery:


Passionate about Art and Augmented Reality? At Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia, Italy, there will be the exhibition you are waiting for: “Piero della Francesca – Il disegno tra arte e scienza” (The drawing between art and science) is held from March 14 until June 14.


This isn’t only an exhibition showing the amazing works of Piero della Francesca and the other protagonists of the theory and practice of perspective drawing and architecture of Italian 15th and 16th centuries, but also an occasion to enjoy the Italian Renaissance Art through multimedia installations and Augmented Reality apps.

About a hundred works will be displayed, accompanying the visitor along a path that follows the various chapters of “De Prospectiva Pingendi” (On perspective in painting), one of the most important testimonies of the work made on perspective by Piero della Francesca, so that walking from a room to another will be a bit like leafing through the treaty’s pages. The drawings of the treaty are transformed into 3D models and the famous “Ideal City” of Urbino, one of the masterpieces of Renaissance perspective, will be explained through Augmented Reality.


If you want to see an example of the use of Augmented Reality in art, just download Experenti’s app (free for Android and IOS) and use it on the “Museum” tab of our Press Kit: after seeing our WOW experience you will not want to miss the exhibition!