You enter a cafè and the background song is not new to you, but a memory lapse is preventing you from remember title and singer. It’s on the tip of your tongue, but it seems impossible to recall it. How to do? Of course turning on Shazam, the mobile app that recognizes music. But what if you want to know more about a place or maybe a painting? From now you can use Shazam for this too.

The news came out at the beginning of the year: the Shazam Team was working on a new feature to recognize not only music but objects too. Now this function is reality thanks to its latest update: the famous music recognition app now can read objects, QR codes, products and advertising through our smartphones’ camera.

Basically it will be possible, wherever Shazam’s logo will be visible, to just focus the product and open links to related pages or to see special contents created with Augmented Reality appear; this new feature is called “Visual Shazam” and it’s available in free download for iPhone and iPad.

The Londoner company for the occasion partnered with some important brands, as Time, Condé Nast , Levi’s, Guerlain, Hearst, Harper Collins and, last but not least, with Disney for the promotion of their new movie, “Tomorrowland.”


Moreover, the company wants to adapt this new technology to the world of wearables, e.g. smartwatches.

What for Shazam is a news, for Experenti has been reality for some time: it’s called Experiential Marketing and it’s the field in which we are specialized from many years, connecting Marketing strategies to Augmented Reality. You want to try yourself the technologies we are talking about? You just need our app (freely available for Android and iOS), a smartphone and our Media Kit: focus our material and be prepared for the surprise 😉

Entrate in un bar e la canzone in sottofondo non vi è nuova, ma un vuoto di memoria vi impedisce di ricordarne titolo e autore. Ce l’avete sulla punta della lingua, ma proprio non c’è verso di farvela tornare in mente. Come fare? Ovviamente accendendo Shazam, l’app mobile che riconosce la musica. E se invece si trattasse di un luogo o magari di un quadro? Da adesso potrete usare Shazam anche per questo.

Lo avevamo già annunciato in un precedente articolo e finalmente ora questa funzione è disponibile: Shazam, la celebre app di riconoscimento musicale, con l’ultimo aggiornamento è in grado di riconoscere oggetti, codici QR, prodotti e pubblicità tramite la telecamera del nostro smartphone.

In pratica sarà possibile, dove presente il logo Shazam, inquadrare il prodotto ed aprire link di pagine ad esso collegate o veder apparire contenuti speciali in Realtà Aumentata; questa nuova feature si chiama “Visual Shazam” ed è disponibile da scaricare gratuitamente per iPhone ed iPad.

La compagnia londinese ha attivato per l’occasione diverse importanti collaborazioni, tra cui quelle con Time, Condé Nast , Levi’s, Guerlain, Hearst, Harper Collins e, ultima ma non ultima, quella con Disney per la promozione del suo nuovo film, “Tomorrowland.”


Inoltre, la compagnia vuole adattare questa nuova tecnologia anche al mondo dei gadget indossabili, come ad esempio gli smartwatches.

Quel che per Shazam è una novità, per noi di Experenti è realtà già da tempo: si chiama Marketing Esperienziale ed è il campo nel quale operiamo da diversi anni, unendo strategie di Marketing alla Realtà Aumentata. Volete provare con mano quello di cui stiamo parlando? Vi bastano la nostra app (disponibile gratuitamente per Android e iOS), uno smartphone ed il nostro Media Kit: inquadrate e preparatevi a rimanere a bocca aperta 😉

We are sure that Ferrari doesn’t have problems selling their super-luxury cars, but, looking also at the news from the automotive market (e.g. MINI goggles), to enhance their customers experience and make it just magical is the big strike point of the moment. This is probably what they thought when they joined forces with developer Zspace to create together an Augmented Reality app to use in their showroom. The company commissioned an app that uses Metaio’s Hybrid 3D tracking technology to augment the cars models and deliver the ultimate showroom experience through technology.

Simply using a tablet in front of the car inside the showroom, it’s possible to choose some features of the vehicle we want to buy: as first thing, the Metaio tracking technology recognizes the car as the client stands in front of it; then it’s possible to try different colors and accessories. Of course, this allows frontline sales people from Ferrari to provide for more in depth information about the care they are selling, and there’s no more vivid factor than to see it in front of our eyes.

There’s more: “Most high end supercar showrooms such as Lamborghini, McLaren, Ferrari et al, can come across a bit intimidating experience for a potential customer, this technology not only connects the Ferrari brand in an innovative way, but it is a friendly, engaging way to lead the customer from the showroom floor to the showroom’s configurator where they can ‘spec’ up and customize further their dream Ferrari,” said Tim Jardine, executive produce at Zspace.

The app currently features five vehicles, the 458 Speciale and Spider, the FF, the F12 Berlinetta and the California T., but it’s designed in a manner that makes easy to add other vehicles in the future and to adapt to all the news of the company. At the moment it is available only in Australasia, but will be introduced to the American market soon.

See more in the official video above:

Breaking news: the new app by Experenti is here!

We are very happy and proud to announce another company that decided to aim for innovation and experiential marketing to present their products.

We worked for the company Modulblok, groundbreaking entity in research and design of anti-seismic storehouses and shelving, creating for them an app that makes their products WOW, just how we like it.

In Modulblok’s app, available free for iOS and Android, you will find up-to-date contents and new 3D to see the main storehouse solutions offered by the company.

You want to try it? It’s easy:

WOW! The experience begins: thanks to Augmented Reality you will be able to see right in front of your eyes a preview of Modulblok’s work.

There’s no doubt: how they say on their site, this is the starting of a new adventure, made of passion, innovation and…WOW experience!

Watch the video to have more information:

It’s been online from 2012 and soon it will be available even for Android Wear smartwatch. Who knows what we are talking about?

About the game Ingress, of course.


If you don’t know what we are talking about, here is a short description: we are sure after you will want to try it!

Ingress is a mobile videogame developed by Google and based on Augmented Reality, since it’s played directly on the real geography of the places around us. It works like this: once you downloaded the app and accessed the game, you are asked to join a faction choosing between Enlightened and Resistance. You can’t change the faction later, so be sure of your first choice. At this point, through your phone’s GPS, you will be localized on a map resembling Google Maps, just more sci-fi. Immediately you will be able to see some big lit up points: these are the “Portals”, generally put where historical and artistic spots are. The colors of the Portals will be different, depending if they are neutral or conquered by the Enlightened or the Resistance. Physically moving around we will collect Exotic Matter (XM), an unknown form of energy found on the entire planet, which will allow us to interact with the Portals. The aim of the game, of course, is to conquer the portals of the opposite faction, attacking (Hack) and then defending them with Resonators and Mods.

Ingress is not only an interactive game, but also an app that helps us to know better the world we have around through Augmented Reality: some Portals, in fact, are in interesting places we never even knew the existence of. In addition, in an age in which a lot of us pass hours and hours sitting at the desk, a game based on the physical interaction with the places we have around is good for health and exercise.

Ingress is an example of a playful activity that, thanks to Augmented Reality, affects positively on the users’ life. Ingress is available for Android and iOS and it’s free; what faction will you choose?

Passionate about Art and Augmented Reality? At Palazzo Magnani in Reggio Emilia, Italy, there will be the exhibition you are waiting for: “Piero della Francesca – Il disegno tra arte e scienza” (The drawing between art and science) is held from March 14 until June 14.


This isn’t only an exhibition showing the amazing works of Piero della Francesca and the other protagonists of the theory and practice of perspective drawing and architecture of Italian 15th and 16th centuries, but also an occasion to enjoy the Italian Renaissance Art through multimedia installations and Augmented Reality apps.

About a hundred works will be displayed, accompanying the visitor along a path that follows the various chapters of “De Prospectiva Pingendi” (On perspective in painting), one of the most important testimonies of the work made on perspective by Piero della Francesca, so that walking from a room to another will be a bit like leafing through the treaty’s pages. The drawings of the treaty are transformed into 3D models and the famous “Ideal City” of Urbino, one of the masterpieces of Renaissance perspective, will be explained through Augmented Reality.


If you want to see an example of the use of Augmented Reality in art, just download Experenti’s app (free for Android and IOS) and use it on the “Museum” tab of our Press Kit: after seeing our WOW experience you will not want to miss the exhibition!

It seems that Kickstarter and Augmented reality are often a good couple: only two days ago, we talked about SEER and its reached goal of $100,000, today we give some news on another project launched on the same funding platform.

We are talking about the children book “Goodnight Lad”: in 2015 to learn reading and falling asleep with a goodnight story are not the same as in the past, because now there’s Augmented Reality. How Bradley Grimm and the little Logan explain us in the video below, you just have to download the app and to aim on the book to see marvelous animations giving life to the story.

All this because, as the creator says, if children love books, they’ll be anyway distracted by smartphones. Joining the forces, books and technology will help children learning to read earlier, easier and better. Opinion of a dad!

Augmented Reality day by day is making progress in leaps and bounds, becoming part of our daily life in always more ways. Only two days ago, we talked about the use and development of this new technology in the automotive field, and today we talk about its use in politics.

We are in Nigeria, where the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), retired ‎General Muhammadu Buhari and his running mate Professor Yemi Osinbajo have adopted an augmented reality strategy to reach out to the country’s youth. In practice, the two candidates realized that using a traditional election campaign, based on TV and talks, they weren’t going to reach the young audience. So, in collaboration with Malam Garba Shehu, Director, Media and Publicity of the Campaign, they thought to an app for Android devices using Augmented Reality to communicate with this part of voters.


Inside the app there are different features: the main one is the message by Buhari and Osinbajo, whom registered a talk that could be seen through the phone. The interaction system with the message is revolutionary: the two politics wanted young people to feel engaged and so they gave them the possibility to answer through the app with comments and ideas, then shared on social media.

In Shehu’s words: “The technology provides a channel of expression for the young people of Nigeria, through which they can also voice their aspirations and hopes. The young peoples’ expression and voice regarding their decision for Nigeria’s future will be shared through these apps and distributed through popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.”

Among other things, the app permits to take a selfie with the two candidates.

We end sharing again some Shehu’s words: “Augmented Reality is a cutting edge technology that brings “magic” to android smartphones and tabs”. For sure, this is a news for Africa, since it’s the first time this technology is used during elections.

The app is called “Next for Nigeria” and you can download it on Google Play. To try it, simply focus on the party logo; this will trigger the technology.

No words needed, just a WOW: this is our claim, our mission and the future of your marketing experience.


We updated our platform to give you and your customers an even better way to enjoy your brand: why limit your marketing to the usual channels when you can amaze your audience?

53% of people don’t believe in advertising. 86% skip TV ads. An incredible amount of money is spent every year in advertising people don’t remember.

You can change this and transform your product in an unforgettable experience for your customer.

Our idea is that there is nothing more effective than an emotion to surprise, impress and interest your customers. We help you doing so with the latest technologies mixed with an aesthetical cure that will end in a…WOW! Using Augmented Reality, Geolocation and Proximity Marketing, we help you deliver an amazing experience to your customers.

This is called Experiential Marketing and is a form of advertising that focuses primarily on helping consumers experience a brand.

Imagine making your products come to life directly in the hands of your customers, so they can see and try them: would it not be revolutionary? Whichever is your field, augmented reality will help you creating a WOW experience.

You want to try it yourself? It is easy: download the mobile app for Android or IOS and then our press kit.

Choose your topic between Catalogues, Packaging, Museums, Tourism, Architecture, Design, Showroom, Engagement, Science and Publishing.

Then scan the related tag with your smartphone and be ready to… WOW!


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