It’s been online from 2012 and soon it will be available even for Android Wear smartwatch. Who knows what we are talking about?

About the game Ingress, of course.


If you don’t know what we are talking about, here is a short description: we are sure after you will want to try it!

Ingress is a mobile videogame developed by Google and based on Augmented Reality, since it’s played directly on the real geography of the places around us. It works like this: once you downloaded the app and accessed the game, you are asked to join a faction choosing between Enlightened and Resistance. You can’t change the faction later, so be sure of your first choice. At this point, through your phone’s GPS, you will be localized on a map resembling Google Maps, just more sci-fi. Immediately you will be able to see some big lit up points: these are the “Portals”, generally put where historical and artistic spots are. The colors of the Portals will be different, depending if they are neutral or conquered by the Enlightened or the Resistance. Physically moving around we will collect Exotic Matter (XM), an unknown form of energy found on the entire planet, which will allow us to interact with the Portals. The aim of the game, of course, is to conquer the portals of the opposite faction, attacking (Hack) and then defending them with Resonators and Mods.

Ingress is not only an interactive game, but also an app that helps us to know better the world we have around through Augmented Reality: some Portals, in fact, are in interesting places we never even knew the existence of. In addition, in an age in which a lot of us pass hours and hours sitting at the desk, a game based on the physical interaction with the places we have around is good for health and exercise.

Ingress is an example of a playful activity that, thanks to Augmented Reality, affects positively on the users’ life. Ingress is available for Android and iOS and it’s free; what faction will you choose?