Have you ever thought to the perfect bond between beauty industry and Augmented Reality? Probably there’s no technology more suitable for trying on make-up and learning how to use it, and Sephora seems to know this very well.

Some months ago (June 2014) the company launched in its shops an Augmented Reality mirror that was adding the make-up to the customers’ face; this made the choice of the right product easier for everyone, who could see live the colors and shades on the skin.

The video below is right about this functionality:

The study of sales and trends highlighted how video is huge in the beauty industry: it seems that, especially when talking about millennials, sales widely increase when there are multimedia contents. Sephora, after analyzing data, decided to use this occasion and to experiment with Augmented Reality. Through the app “Sephora-to-go”, the customers will be able to get augmented content just focusing on the faces of more than nine brands’ founders, including Kat Von D and Laura Mercier.

After scanning the images, the customers will see product videos, interviews, images and YouTube playlists, and the links to Sephora’s site for every product, so it will be easy to purchase directly from the app.

Augmented Reality is a part of Sephora’s new digital strategy. It includes also the app The Pocket Contour Class that, uploading a selfie, analyze the shape of the face and gives tutorials on that base, and the so-called Beacons, part of the app Sephora-to-go that reminds the customers special promotions, birthday month benefits, and get a reminder to take advantage of in-store services like mini-makeovers.