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Virtual Assistant

The AR virtual assistant is a new way to communicate and interact with patients.

Through an AVATAR it is possible to create interactive information and simplify many procedures. In fact, being able to ask questions to an AR virtual assistant that accompanies us in every step of our journey makes it easier and immediate to understand the various phases and activities that the user may decide to undertake.

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Visio Medic

visiomedic-videoAugmented reality application created for the Poliambulanza Foundation of Brescia with the unconditional contribution of Takeda. Visio Medic was conceived to support patients suffering from pancreatic cancer throughout the course of treatment, clarifying doubts and fears, proposing practical advice and comprehensible explanations, through a 3D avatar called Arianna.


  1. Download the app from your device's store.
  2. Download the tag: you can view it on screen or print it
  3. Launch the app, enter your credentials and frame the tag

Informed and augmented users

Want to offer a better experience to your users?
Do you want to improve and simplify communication with your users?
Do you want to offer them tools to understand clearly the scope of clinical interventions or the effects of prescribed drugs?

AR Experience solutions allow you to achieve these goals in a simple and useful way.

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Informed consent


App dedicated to patients which have to undergo surgery. Once authenticated, the patient will have access to a guide - in interactive augmented reality – that will meticulously explain the complete surgical procedure, thus avoiding the risks that may emerge from not having understood the operation in detail.


  1. Download the app from your device's store.
  2. Download the tag: you can view it on screen or print it
  3. Launch the app, enter your credentials and frame the tag

Virtual Training

Do you want to train medical personnel more effectively?
Is the training process standardized for all users?
Want to make learning more fun?

Virtual reality, thanks to a complete immersion in the study or training environment that leads to a high level of empathy, can guarantee a greater effectiveness of the training experiences. It manages to perfectly simulate the environment and the context in which the doctor will operate and recreate particular pathologies.

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Takeda Virtual Lab

Virtual reality project for HTC Vive created for the pharmaceutical company Takeda.
With experience, it is possible to learn how to produce a drug thanks to an effective interaction with all the objects in the virtual environment and the instructions that allow step by step learning. Furthermore, the project allows to enhance the technological potential of the drug and underlines its complex synthesis procedure.

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