Volkswagen tests smart glasses in its Wolfsburg factory

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After the emission crisis Volkswagen is back in the news, but this time for other (and luckily better) motivations: the German automotive colossus, in fact, reached the first pages of online and offline press in the hi-tech field thanks to the introduction of new augmented reality smart glasses in its Wolfsburg factory.

The benefits of the headsets’ use in production chains aren’t a mystery anymore: the amount of important information that this system can give to the workers, added to the comfort of leaving their hands free, is transforming the use of new devices in a trend.

These are among the motivations that drove Volkswagen too in considering smart glasses as a solution;  consequently they started tests (at the moment active on a limited group of 30 workers) related to their benefits and appreciation, preliminary to the potential adoption in the rest of the plants.

As we can read on the article published on the company’s official site, the benefits of 3D smart glasses are evident: the workers automatically receive all the information they need, such as storage locations or part numbers directly in their field of vision, and a camera in the glasses is also a barcode reader, showing the right and wrong ones, avoiding in advance a great number of mistakes. Thanks to the voice and touch controls, also, the workers’ hands are free.

Digitalization is becoming increasingly important in production. The 3D smart glasses take cooperation between humans and systems to a new level”, said Reinhard de Vries, Head of Plant Logistics at Wolfsburg.

For now the use of smart glasses (that, judging from the first pictures, remind closely Google Glass) is voluntary: the interested workers receive the device and are gradually being introduced to the new technology. Volkswagen declared also that, since of the current positive experiences, other departments, plants and brands also plan to use the glasses.