[VIDEO] A fight on your desk with Unreal Engine 4

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Videogames lovers, this news is for you: imagine you can take you favorite shooter to your work desk and being able to play it between your coffee cup and the computer screen. It is possible thanks to Unreal Engine 4, and a video published by the developer Ádám Horváth demonstrates it:

Unreal Engine is a graphic engine for videogames created by Epic Games and known for the videogame Unreal and its famous follow-up Unreal Tournament; its code is open to the developers, so they can create applications and develop entire videogames using it as a base.

The actual version is Unreal Engine 4, presented in 2013 and released in 2014, and it is the one we can see in action in the incredible video by Horváth: the developer himself shoot with his phone a video in which we can see some character with very good graphic fight one with each other among common use objects placed on the desk. We can’t stop looking at the fighters, but actually the true main character of the scene is augmented reality. It is thanks to the Augmented Reality plugin for Unreal Engine 4 that developers can use the engine to create AR experiences.

There’s more than the highly detailed characters’ graphic: for sure two things standing out are the perfect and real-time shadows and some kind of collision detection, as one thug hits a mug and slumps to the floor.

It seems that the future of videogames is already here: if not in our hands right now, for sure it is just around the corner.