Shoppers Stop and the first augmented dressing room in Mumbai

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Every fashion addicted’s dream is to try on dozens of articles without having to undress and dress again to wear them all: dresses, bags, bijoux, accessories…imagine you can see them on you simply choosing the ones you like from a catalogue.

This kind of solutions, thanks to augmented reality, is starting to be used more often by retail companies all around the world; today we go to India to talk about the new project by Shoppers Stop, retail company counting 74 stores in different cities all around the country and featuring also a big online presence. It’s probably thanks to its love for the web and the virtual world, that the company thought it was a good idea to make easier for clients to choose products trying them on virtually thanks to augmented reality.

The system is easy: you enter a dressing room in which there’s an augmented reality mirror, called “Magic Mirror“; through the mirror you can choose among 1500 products sold by the company and in the time of a second you can see them directly on you. You can also mix and match the products, wearing more than one at time.

For now there’s only one Magic Mirror inside a shopping mall in Mumbai, but the enthusiasm that clients showed for this device makes everyone think that soon it will be pretty common; Aanchal Kumar, a client of the mall, said about it: “Shoppers Stop’s Magic Mirror is a really fun and fascinating concept. I’ve virtually tried on about 25 dresses in a matter of seconds and without needing to use a trial room at all. How cool is that?”

If you are curious of trying augmented reality in a shopping situation, you don’t have to travel to Mumbai: you can do it right now with Experenti’s free app (Android, iOS) and our kit; one of our example tags is set inside a clothes shop and you will meet a nice virtual assistant.