PTC buys Vuforia and brings AR to enterprise

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It’s not an isolated opinion anymore to think that the web is coming to a turning point: two of the most valued trends for 2016 are in fact Internet of Things and alternative realities, and step after step they are coming to an harmony.

This is the thought also of Jim Heppelmann, president and CEO of the company PTC: “The digital and physical worlds are converging,” he said last week during the live-streaming of Thing Event “This convergence is transforming everything. It’s transforming how we design and manufacture things, how we operate and service them.

PTC is a company known for software design that now, after these considerations, decided to wide its competences following the two trends we just talked about. In Happelmann’s opinion, the change we are seeing is not just about the Internet of Things, but also related to an area that is yet not fully developed: how people interact with the devices. In this field there’s still a void space and augmented reality will fill it. This is why the company is betting on this new technology and proved it by buying the augmented reality platform Vuforia for no less than $65 million from Qualcomm.

PTC aims for the creation of a business for enterprise: in Happelmann’s opinion, one of the main potentials of augmented reality is being able to help employers working better.

At the moment the company already put into practice its ideas about augmented reality with two big brands as Deere & Co and KTM; these two realities are using PTC’s new technology in their business as support to the technician in the difficult work of fixing and maintaining complicated machines.