Prynt, the smartphone case that combines instant print and augmented reality

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Polaroid nostalgic, this is your moment: with the expansion of mobile photography and a world every day more connected and fast, the instant print of the pictures is coming back. Actually there are some different possibilities on the market, and today we present you a particular one: its name is Prynt and it is a smartphone case with integrated micro-printer and an augmented reality feature!

The first prototype came out at the beginning of the year, collecting the interest of gadget fans; its Kickstarter campaign had incredible results: in few time it reached and passed the $50.000 goal, collecting no less than $1,5 M, becoming also the most successful French-produced Kickstarter campaign ever.

More in detail, Prynt is a case adaptable to the most famous smartphone’s models transforming them in a true Polaroid-style camera; the case makes it possible to take digital pictures and to print them straight away. The integrated micro-printer doesn’t need electricity since it uses the Zink technology (well known by the fans of instant prints), that develops the pictures on a special paper using heat.
In the past we already saw micro-printers appearing (and unluckily also fast disappearing) on the market, but Prynt seems to have that extra oomph: it is augmented reality. The pictures printed with the case, in fact, can be focused with the smartphone and a special app to see short videos appearing on them.

Prynt can be ordered on the official site and for now is compatible with iPhone 6/6S/5/5s/5C and Samsung Galaxy S4/S5, but soon it will open also to other models.