Project Tango puts Star Wars characters in front of our eyes

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Do you remember Google’s Project Tango? It is the project of a platform working on the Android operative system that joins augmented reality, 3D technology and mobile. Google calls it “mixed reality“. Created some time ago, in 2014 it was opened to the developers so they could have the chance to create projects and products fully capitalizing on its possibilities; with it, Google created two devices for the tests, the Peanut Phone and the Yellowstone 7-inch tablet.

Let’s take this base of information and actualize it to this last period, in full Star Wars mania: what could possibly coming from it? Of course nothing less than a perfect union of augmented reality and the movie characters!
A group of developers, going under the name of Trixi Studios, released a video showing Project Tango in action…with a bit of Star Wars! Here it is:

In the video we can see the digital version of the famous BB-8 drone and also some Stormtroopers and Boba Fett: a user goes around some indoor and outdoor ambient of a place that seems a mall, and in the while he fights groups of enemies on his tablet. The scene is recorded in a video taken directly with Google’s mobile device: we can see different real locations all around the characters, completely immersed inside them; the various scenes of the videogame come to life directly inside the real space, with pretty amazing effects, as the Stormtrooper coming out of the portal.

Star Wars fans, don’t be mislead: the video is not a teaser for a product we will see on the market, but just a simple demonstration; as we can read in the message at the start of it: “This video does not demonstrate an actual product in development; it is just to show possibilities of available Mixed Reality Technology. No copyrights is claimed in content. We are just huge fans of Star Wars!
All footage is captured live, and recorded directly on the tablet device (which resulted in some framerate loss). No post editing was done to the video imagery.”