Portalball: playing baseball with augmented reality

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You read right, the title is that: now you’ll be able to play baseball when and where you want thanks to a new app that joins this sport and augmented reality. Its name is Portalball, it’s been developed by Jordan Edelson and launched by Appetizer Mobile and it’s supported and promoted by Joe Girardi, Manager of the famous New York Yankees.

“I just thought it was a way to include other people besides just baseball fans, which I thought was important,” Girardi said about this project. “Because not everyone loves baseball as much as I do.”

Inside the app there’s a videogame in which the player can hit, catch and launch the incoming balls inside some portals that suddenly open around him, in a 360 degrees space; through mobile device, smartphone or tablet, the user will be able to see an augmented version of the space all around him and to feel like the protagonist of a real sport training. The videogame can be played alone or in multiplayer mode.

Girari, interviewed, admitted not being a big videogames player:

“I do sometimes during downtime play a game here and there,” he says. “To me it was important to get involved because it’s also another way to stay connected with my kids.”

This is not the only motivation, anyway, because at the base there’s another, a charity one: the app is free, but there are some special contents purchasable in-app; some of the money raised with this method will be donated to Girardi’s Foundation, the charity association that he created with his wife to help people with money problems and in struggle.

Portalball is available in free download for Android and iOS.