Pokémon Go: rumors about the most awaited augmented videogame of 2016

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One of the most awaited mobile videogames in 2016? It’s called Pokémon Go and it will be born from a collaboration between The Pokémon Company, Nintendo and Niantic Labs. The name Niantic Labs would have to tell you already something: if the company that created the videogame Ingress is among the creators, of course there will be some augmented reality. And, in fact, Pokémon Go will let players capture Pokémon inside the real world: their smartphone will become a kind of radar and, also thanks to the help of GPS, it will make possible to see the famous little monster superimposed to the reality and to catch them.

During the years we saw many Pokémon videogames, but this is probably the most awaited of them: version after version, the japanese saga built a core of fans and enthusiasts that are following anxiously every release. This time the situation is not different, with the addition of the augmented reality twist.

We already had some anticipations about the game in 2015 , but then the fans were left without news again: no release date, few details. Now an important date is near and this brightens up the hopes again: February 27, in fact, will be the twentieth anniversary of the release of the first Pokémon videogames for Game Boy, Pokémon Red and Pokémon Green. Many are the events and the surprises programmed for this date and the hope is that among these there will be also the release of the augmented reality version.

Nevertheless, listening to the rumors, the videogame will end its beta-testing period only at half 2016, so the official launch will be at least in June.

Another revelation for the fans: it seems that there’s a possibility that this new title will feature a new character. Probably it will be no less than Zygrade, combination between Yvetal from Pokémon Y and Xerneas from Pokémon X.