News Corp invests in Plattar’s augmented reality

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A platform helping agencies, brands and publishers creating their own augmented reality contents? Yes, that’s right: its name is Plattar and it is what an australian startup promises, now helped as well from a big investment by the colossus News Corp.

The news was in the magazines all over the world: News Corp Australia, australian division of one of the four USA communication giants, invested $843M in the startup to make a step inside the field of augmented reality.

Plattar is a cloud-based platform made of two parts: the first is an app builder equipped with multiple customizable templates and the second is a content management system for AR content. News Corp invested in this second one.

A trial project shows the potential of the technology directly on News Corp products: Plattar used the platform to create a “brand new customer experience” in which the users can scan News Corp publications for properties and then use augmented reality to see the 3D results inside the map.

The reasons that made News Corp Australia invest in Plattar, anyway, are far from the mere passion for avant garde technology, and decisively closer to reality; the company, in fact, needs new projects to help their business rise back: last data show a 20% less in its revenue, -3% coming from the newspaper field. Thinking about what is said about augmented and virtual reality, it’s clear why they chose to make a big investment right here: a report by DigiCapital predicts the AR market will be a US$150 billion industry by 2020.