A new video teaser by Magic Leap is out and it looks amazing

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Do you remember the mysterious Magic Leap? We talked about it here and here, trying to unveil what is the product that actually made Google invest $542 millions and many more money from other colossuses as Alibaba and Qualcomm. To figure out this information isn’t easy, since Magic Leap’s strategy seems to be to work in silence, release from time to time something that leaves the users amazed, then go back to silence once again. The first video showed a “normal” day in Magic Leap’s offices, that was “averagely” facing an alien invasion; the other video we seen was a demo, again filmed in the company’s offices, showing a little robot going around and other superimposed animations.

Now, just in the middle of the AR success after to the release of Microsoft HoloLens Developer edition, another surprising video was published: posted online during last week, it shows augmented reality used in everyday life.

The video is in first person and shows,  superimposed to the normal view, a menu through which is possible to choose among different sections and to receive also notifications: one of the examples is a school research that interactively takes life in front of our eyes. Another notification informs us that an item in our wish list is available again: opening the window we have the possibility to buy it. Then, raising our eyes, we can see a underwater scene with beautiful jelly fishes swimming above our head.

Once again Magic Leap teased our curiosity: we can’t wait to know some more details about their project.