META 2 AR headset unveiled at TED 2016

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Maybe not everyone knows that TED is actually an acronym for Technology, Entertainment and Design. Said this, how being surprised about the fact that this year the official conference has been conquered by augmented reality? Just few days ago we wrote about Alex Kipman’s speech presenting Microsoft HoloLens, but it wasn’t the only headset guest of the event.

February 17th, in fact, another appreciated guest was on TED’s stage talking about augmented reality: we talk about the headset META which, after collecting early last year $23 million, remained silent for a long period. After a year of work, they decided to present their new version of the product in an illustrious frame as TED.

The headset, called META 2 AR, was worth the wait: it is a new generation augmented reality device and it is a vastly improved version.

The device, presented on the stage by the company CEO Meron Gribetz, in the design reminds HoloLens and many other similar devices. Gribetz showed some demos for the META, among which there was one showing an hologram of a person that, thanks to the device, appeared in front of his eyes and was even able to hand him an augmented reality model of a brain to demonstrate the utility of this device, for example, in the surgery field. “If we can put a digital layer into the real world imagine what that could mean for storytellers and brain surgeons” said Gribetz.

During his speech he highlighted also the importance of headsets and wearables for our future, in which will not be necessary anymore the use of bulky screens: “Today’s computers are so amazing that we fail to notice how terrible they really are,” said the CEO. “The future of computers is not locked inside screens. It is right here, inside of us… You are the OS, you live between windows.”