L’Oreal gains exclusive rights for “Makeup Genius”‘ AR technology

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Do you remember the app by L’Oreal that joins augmented reality and beauty? Launched in 2014, “Makeup Genius” has been one of the first mobile apps connecting the beauty world with new technologies. Now, since of the great success, L’Oreal decided to enhance the product.

Yes, because now the collaboration between the beauty world colossus and Image Metrics, company developer of the technology on which Makeup Genius is based, had a revamp thanks to the exclusive partnership agreement that will make L’Oreal the only possible user of the system. This will make possible to add some new features to the app based on L’Oreal customers’ specific needs.

But let’s start from the beginning: the Makeup Genius app, launched in 2014 as we already wrote, is nothing else than the classic pocket mirror with the extra oomph of augmented reality; L’Oreal’s customers, in fact, will be able to try on any makeup on their faces just using their smartphone’s frontal camera. Also, after the test, it will be possible to take a picture of the results and share it on social media before purchasing.

The special touch comes from Image Metrics’ technology: the company, in fact, is specialized in facial analysis and detection research, as well as in providing advanced tracking technology; this makes the effect of the augmented makeup incredibly realistic: the promise of Image Metrics’ CEO to L’Oreal’s users is no less than giving them an “increasingly immersive and stunningly real” experience.

L’Oreal, on its side, seems very aware of the importance of this new technology to help their clients: “Makeup Genius brings an obvious added value, a true utility to women giving them access to our large portfolio of products, trying them on, sharing them on their social networks and easily buying them. Entering this new era with Image Metrics will allow us to explore new possibilities and connect more than ever with consumers and offer them an easy, personalized and truly useful beauty e-routine.” says Cyril Chapuy L’Oreal Paris Global President.