Intel projects its own augmented reality headset

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Augmented reality is the next big thing: all the important hi-tech companies are already running around planning projects related to this new technology. Intel is the next one, it seems: last week Wall Street Journal published a news, related to an information leak, that gives for granted that the company is working on a new headset.

It seems in fact that, during last times, Intel purchased at least five companies working in the augmented reality field and invested in three other. They spent no less than half a billion dollars in this operation.

Following the rumours, it looks like Intel wants to enter the world of augmented reality headsets creating its own, taking also advantage of their famous 3D RealSense technology, presented at CES in Las Vegas only last January. This possibility would make the project even more interesting, surpassing as well some competitors as HoloLens and HTC Vive: RealSense, in fact, is a system of sensors that permit to scan objects and spaces in three dimensions, transmitting to the device a map of the surrounding complete of depth. This would be an exclusive feature of the headset by Intel and it would help creating a highly enhanced augmented reality vision: the surroundings’ mapping would help the user moving more easily inside the space around him, without the worry of hitting objects and furnitures.

However, don’t expect an headset signed by Intel: the company seems to be interested in creating the project but not in producing it; other companies will do this, of course using RealSense technology. We can also imagine that the new headset will be more robust than a pair of smart glasses: therefore closer to HoloLens than to Google Glass.