Honda: revealed two new augmented reality concept cars!

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Do you remember Toyota Camatte? It seems that Japanese are pretty ahead when we talk about vehicles and augmented reality.

Once again we are in front of experimental projects; if Camatte was an hybrid between a true car and a toy, the two vehicles we will be talking about today, Honda Wander Stand and Wander Walker, have been projected for driving on sideways and crowded ambients.

These two concept cars will be presented at the 44th Tokyo Motor Show 2015 and surely they will leave many people amazed, thanks also to the avant-garde technologies they use. Let’s see them closer:

the bigger vehicle, called Honda Wander Stand, is a two-seats mini-car with a roof and four wheels; it seems to have also sliding doors on the sides. Instead of having a steering wheel, it has a joystick; it features a touch screen with a control panel that synchronize with our smartphone, showing messages and making it possible to accept calls while driving.

The second vehicle, Honda Wander Walker, reminds a city bike, but has four wheels and the pair in front is especially equipped to turn at extreme angles, reaching 90°. It has only one seat, no roof and a frontal screen similar to the other car’s one, with smartphone synchronization included.

Among the features of these two vehicles, there is of course also augmented reality: both cars have a 3D images and data system superimposed to reality; in particular, the Wander Stand has it in the windshield.

From the first released pictures, we can see on the screens some 3D images, the message and call icons and a number beside a search icon, probably indicating the distance until reaching a place.