HoloLens will be “a five-year journey”, revealed Microsoft’s CEO

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The saga about the development of one of the most applauded and waited headset of these years is continuing: as probably you understood we are talking of Microsoft’s HoloLens, that from revelation to revelation doesn’t stop teasing the curiosity of augmented reality’s fans.

Between developer’s versions and consumer’s market release hypothesis, finally it seems that the development team wanted to make a bit of clarity talking about the future of this device at the Salesforce Dreamforce Conference Q&A where Satya Nadella, CEO of the project, talked.

Unluckily all those that, after the news of HoloLens working with Windows 10, thought the release was coming shortly will have to change their minds: the device, at least for the consumer market, will not be released so soon, since Nadella said that he imagines the full development of the gadget as “really a five-year journey.” It is sure, on the other hand, that in 2016 will be available the developer version.

With this kind of communiqué, it is clear how Microsoft is aiming to release the best HoloLens version possible, and this, of course, needs a certain amount of work, tests and time. Other than the news about videogames and applications linked to culture and study, one of HoloLens goals is surely to be used in the business world; knowing this, it’s clear why they don’t want to release in the market just a prototype, as it is at the moment since the version presented in April had problems with commands recognizing and some glitches. Nadella and his Team seem to know very good the high potential of a project like this: “it is such a different type of computer, and the industrial and enterprise scenarios are huge”, and surely it is worth to invest in it to make it the better possible.