“Clandestine: Anomaly”: the new augmented mobile videogame will be out in a few days

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Often new technologies linked to Augmenter Reality, from wearables to headsets, to apps, start from a crowdfunding campaing on sites such as Kickstarter to find the initial funds and become reality. We talked of some very famous cases that had a lot of success, but it’s not the same for everyone: for a limited number of ambitious projects that the web decides to fund, there are hundreds that don’t even have a chance to start. However, this doesn’t mean that the project will never come to life or have success in some other way.

This is the case of “Clandestine: Anomaly“, mobile videogame that, on the style of Ingress, turns the world around us into a set of a sci-fi battle between factions. Despite the Kickstarted campaing didn’t have success, and so had to be interrupted, ZenFri’s creatives didn’t give up and found other ways.

So, right in these days, they announced the release of this new augmented videogame that will see us as main characters in a war between the planets. Essentially, an alien ship smacked in our zone, miraculously leaving our house untouched; from that moment our smartphone will receive signals and we’ll be part of a sci-fi war that will take place in the place we know, the ones where we lived and maybe we even grew up.

This is the officiale synopsis, from the site: “After your phone is hacked by mysterious and advanced alien technology, you are thrust into the middle of an inter-galactic war. Though you possess no training, no experience, zero authorization and no skills that can help you navigate through the interstellar struggle, your involvement is paramount to deciphering the clues in your immediate area and beyond. Unraveling a multi-dimensional mystery, it’s up to you to act.”

“Clandestine: Anomaly” is developed by ZenFri and will be launched this month in the iOS version; there’s not yet an official date for Android, but it seems it will be very soon.

Here the official trailer: