CES 2016 has a new hot topic: it’s augmented reality

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Do you know CES (Consumer Electronics Show)? It is a tradeshow that takes place every year in January in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it’s one of the most important and awaited events dedicated to global consumer electronic and consumer technology.

Technology fans from all over the world gathered yesterday, as the gates of Las Vegas Convention Center opened for the inauguration of CES 2016 edition; the event will be held until January 9th.

This 2016 edition seems pretty full of news for augmented and virtual reality fans: already from the first announcements there have been no doubts about the hot topics of this year, first of all with the opening of the Augmented Reality Marketplace, a space completely dedicated to augmented reality, in which more than 40 exhibitors will showcase immersive multimedia for alternative realities systems and environments. A big guest will be Oculus Rift for virtual reality, while returning to AR there are two important nominations, respectively for Innovation and as Top Product of the mobile section, to the Vuzix headsets and to the ODG R-7 smart glasses by Osterhout.

Since we already followed the event’s opening day, we know that the first news related to augmented reality has already been revealed: yesterday, in fact, Intel presented its new AR headset. It’s called Daqri and, on the opposite of the other similar devices as HoloLens and Google Glass, it’s oriented to the industrial and professional market: it will help the wearer to receive more information, such as diagrams, schematics and problem areas that need fixing, directly in the field of vision while he works. Of course, being Intel, it’s meant to be pretty powerful.

Daqri headset is only one of the many news expected to be unveiled during this CES edition: we can’t wait to discover them all.