BMW counts again on augmented reality for their Head-Up Display

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Do you remember our post about BMW and augmented reality? It dates back to February and talks of the headset on which the famous automotive company was working to give the drivers a unique experience thanks to augmented reality.

Since the success of the initiative, the German company continued its research in that direction, until being the first creating a Head-Up Display, a screen that can be inserted in the front part of the car so it can be always in the front of the driver’s eyes, who will not be forced to look down to read the useful information, limiting the risk of distractions and accidents.

As we could easily imagine from these first step towards augmented reality, now the moment of the direct integration of this technology with the car and its accessories has come: just few days ago, the automotive company announced BMW5 Series, expected in 2017, that will have an operative system that will join the advantages of Head-Up Display with the marvels of augmented reality. In fact, through the “Business Professional” browser, the screen will not be anymore just a way to make the driving more comfortable, but also to project in front of the driver useful information.

With the new augmented reality system, the data will be displayed directly on the windshield of the car: it will be possible to have information on speed, distance, obstacles and people on the road, directions and all the useful data you can think of.


This is not the only news that BMW is preparing for us: the company seems determined to surprise us with another incredible innovation, the autonomous driving system, that will reach a maximum of 80 km/h and will help drivers during parking and changing lanes too.

We will talk you about this again when BMW will show officially to the public these news: BMW 5 Series’ launch is expected for the second half of 2016.