#BehindTheFace: augmented reality meets creativity and inspirational talks in Camden

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The project is called #BehindTheFace and it will be active in London soon.

It will be a series of posters that will be hang around the London Borough of Camden; on every poster there will be the face of a character that has been chosen as possible inspiration source for the people and that, if pointed with a mobile device on which is installed the augmented reality app Blippar, will show a short TED talk styled video.

#BehindTheFace is still mostly Top Secret, but we are pretty curious and we did some search around. The creator is Jimmy Kyriakou and is the founder of UNBOX, the organization at the base of the development of the whole idea. Going on UNBOX’s site we find out that it is a collective of creatives and entrepreneurs based in London that have as aim the creation of projects exploring how pioneering technology, art, fashion and music can play an important role in shaping society.

Kyriakou choose twelve characters that he considered change makers and who are positively influencing our cities and he recorded as many videos in which these people, through augmented reality, will come to life and deliver us inspirational and motivational messages. Below you can watch the video of Kyriakou and Brian Rose presenting the project and giving also a little demonstration of how it will work:

The faces chosen for #BehindTheFace are: Kwali Kumara, meditation teacher; Jimmy Kyriacou, founder of UNBOX; Laurence Kemball-Cook, founder and CEO of Pavegen; Ambarish Mitra, co-founder and CEO of Blippar and augmented reality pioneer; Sigalit Hart, storyteller and children’s artist; Brian Rose, founder of London Real and Silicon Real; Tia Kansara, motivational speaker; Professor Michael Batty, University College London; Priya Prakash, Designer-Founder @ D4SC: Design For Social Change; Mimi Bekhechi, director at PETA UK; Lazzaro Pietragnoli, Mayor of the London Borough of Camden until May 2015; Simon Pitkeathley, CEO of Camden Town Unlimited.

It seems there’s not yet a certain date for the start of the initiative, but if it happens you are in Camden in the near future, don’t forget to look around!