Augmented reality and geology: Leapfrog AR is here

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It seems that Geology is one of the fields in which augmented reality is fated to be a big success. Just one month ago we gave the news about UCLA’s project for teaching geological science to children and adults (do you remember it? It’s a sandbox that a projector and augmented reality transform in a way to see live the changes in earth, you can find the article here).

Today we report another good news related to this field: Aranz Geo Limited, developer of Leapfrog , a 3D geological modelling software, has released a beta version of the Leapfrog AR augmented reality tool.

Leapfrog AR makes possible for its users to see geological data and models in the real world; as Leapfrog’s product manager, Patrick Hollenbeck, said: “Imagine standing on the edge of a mine pit and seeing the geological model superimposed over it”

“The geologist viewing the model can use their knowledge of the deposit and the terrain to give a contextual visual check and collaborate in the development of the very best model solution. This also gives field geologists the opportunity to see what the resource geologist deems important, and provides a basis for further discussion.”

“Field geos, resource geos and consultants can take the model into the real world of the mine and see it in context” added Hollenbeck.

We can imagine the importance of a project like this in a pretty difficult field as the geological science one and how this can help the specialists in enhancing studies and works related to this topic. At the moment Leapfrog AR is going through field tests with selected clients to collect feedback that will help building the next release of the tool.