Apple soon in the world of augmented reality?

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Apple’s fans, this article is for you! For the moment it seems that the company didn’t explore the avant-garde ways of virtual and augmented reality, but rumors and revelations make everyone think that it will do soon.

Actually this isn’t a new story: maybe it’s because its fans can’t understand the reason of this delay in picking up last tech trends or maybe because at every announced conference there’s the hope of finding some augmented reality news, anyway from time to time the news come out and make everyone talk.

The first time it was in 2013, when the company acquired PrimeSense, company specialized in the world of 3D. Then it happened again in May of this year: the rumors started again with the acquisition of Metaio, company developer of an augmented reality software using a special language called AREL, linked to the Proactive feature of iOS 9.

This enthusiasm was then followed by a new period of silence, and no one talked about it anymore until some days ago, when new indiscretions started to come out: in fact, on the base of a Business Insider report, it seems that Apple hired a former Microsoft employee that was working on their most avant-garde product, the HoloLens.

After this rumor the world of augmented reality fans was already thinking to the big announcement moment, probably the conference set for the 7th September. Unluckily even this time no news about augmented reality.

What we can think is that probably, even without releasing any official comment, Apple is working from at least two years on an augmented reality project; two years are long, so there’s a good possibility that it is a big project: we are every day more curious!