Announced Pokémon Go, the app to catch Pokémons in the real world

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Are you a Pokémon fan? From next year you will be able to catch your favorite pocket monsters in the real world!

Few days ago The Pokémon Company, production company of the famous videogame, announced that from 2016 will be released the new mobile game “Pokémon Go”.

This new version of the game has been developed by the company together with Nintendo and Niantic, and it will have incredible game features: Pokémon Go will be a mobile-based game, available for iOS and Android, and it will use augmented reality. With the help of a GPS and of the smartphone’s camera it will make possible to catch Pokémons in the real world: our mobile device will work as a radar, notifying us when one of the most famous collectable little monsters will be near us.

As for other videogames featuring augmented reality, even in this case we point out the importance of this new technology combined with gaming dynamics to break the bad habit, every day more normal for children and adults, of passing too much time in the house in front of tv and consoles. Applications as Pokémon Go or Ingress (yes, the other game created by Niantic) are working in double ways: one is to deliver fun to the users, while the other one is to help them going out of the house to interact with the outdoor spaces.

The Pokémon Go app will be available from next year in free download with some in-app purchase features, but Nintendo announced also another device that will add to the smartphone experience other elements, as the information on the presence of other players near us; the name of this second gadget will be Pokémon Go Plus and we don’t have a price yet, but probably it will be soon announced.

Watch the incredible presentation video:

It seems that 2016 will be a year full of augmented reality news; continue to read our blog to get constant updates!