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AR Maintenance

Is technical assistance service very expensive?
How to receive machinery maintenance instructions without having to call customer service?
How to reduce downtime?

With augmented reality it is possible to interact with machinery and equipment efficiently and obtain instructions on how to carry out maintenance operations. This relieves the technical assistance service that can concentrate on most complex requests.

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Siemens MECSPE


Demo applications created for Siemens for the 2018 edition of the MECSPE in Parma. By framing the tags it is possible to find user and maintenance manuals of the machinery and decision-tree type videos in order to carry out maintenance operations step by step.


  1. Download the app from your device's store.
  2. Download the tag: you can view it on screen or print it
  3. Launch the app and frame the tag

Virtual Training

Do you want to train medical personnel more effectively?
Is the training process standardized for all users?
Want to make learning more fun?

Virtual reality, thanks to a complete immersion in the study or training environment that leads to a high level of empathy, can guarantee a greater effectiveness of the training experiences. It manages to perfectly simulate the environment and the context in which the doctor will operate and recreate particular pathologies.

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Takeda Virtual Lab

Virtual reality project for HTC Vive created for the pharmaceutical company Takeda.
With experience, it is possible to learn how to produce a drug thanks to an effective interaction with all the objects in the virtual environment and the instructions that allow step by step learning. Furthermore, the project allows to enhance the technological potential of the drug and underlines its complex synthesis procedure.

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Augmented catalogues

Do you want to explore new frontiers of communication?
Do you want to create new ways to engage and excite your customers?
Do you want to differentiate yourself from your competitors?

The AR catalogue allows you to create new methods of presenting the commercial offer. In fact, through the integration of 3D models with traditional catalogues, it is possible to excite recipients anywhere in the world without having to move samples or real products.

Do you want an example?


fendt-ideal-1Augmented reality application created for the market launch of the exclusive Fendt IDEAL harvesters. It is a completely customized project based on the communication characteristics of the Fendt brand. The app contains both videos and 3D models of harvesters with interactive animations that demonstrate the real functioning of the products.


  1. Download the app from your device's store.
  2. Download the tag: you can view it on screen or print it
  3. Launch the app and frame the tag

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