Experenti at Smau 2015 in Turin: the pictures and some reflections

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In a previous article we announced it, and now we’ll share with you the photos and some reflections: Experenti’s attendance at Smau 2015 Torino has been a success!

The one just ended have been a period rich of events and satisfactions: basically we got off of the stage of Stage.it, where we collected the Prize for the Best Innovation Internship, and right away we departed to reach Turin. As avant-garde reality in the world of Marketing and Technology, Experenti could not miss one of the most important italian fairs for Innovation: we decided to take a bit of WOW Experience even there.

Barbara Bonaventura and Amir Baldissera answered all your question about Augmented Reality, Innovative Marketing and the world of startups. During the afternoon, they held two workshops: it was a pleasure to talk in front of a nice and well prepared public. We want to thank you all for the big participation: as you can see from the pictures, the room was full.


This is just more proof that our precious project is going in the right way and that the two souls of Experenti, the Innovative Marketing Startup one and the Augmented Reality one, are leading the interests of a high level public as the Smau one.

Thank you all again, see you soon at the next events!