Even growing together is innovative.

We are a Startup with an Italian heart but our approach is Anglo-Saxon. We are looking for rapid growth to reach our ambitious goals.

To do so, our primary resource is our team that works according to very challenging standards and methodologies. There is no place for unmotivated people or underachievers who do not bring their “A” game every single day. Working for Experenti is not for everyone.

We believe that the only way to grow is To share vision, values, and targets.

Therefore, we have defined a way of working for goals and incentives - which goes beyond the salary and benefits of the metal-mechanical contract - that allows each one to evaluate their performance and include their own room for improvement.

Following the strategic business plan, each team member is informed with the goals to be achieved in the following months.

Everyone is accountable for his role in the company and the valuable component he has to offer for the success of the whole team.


At the end of the quarter, team members who achieved their goals will be able to choose between three options:

Incentive pay

To switch the bonus in an economic compensation.

Life / Work

To switch the bonus in leisure, vacations, work permits.


To switch the bonus in classes and professional growth.