Mixed reality

The mixed reality – a union between augmented and virtual reality technologies – allowing to create new opportunities in terms of business and growth. In this context, Experenti owns multiple features making it a unique player in the industry. In fact, while being a technology partner, Experenti does not just develop simple AR / VR packages, but it builds products that integrate with the client companies by providing a concrete growth drive force.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic

Arthur Clarke


Experenti is a magical laboratory with a high technological component.
We combine multiple ingredients to develop the most advanced mixed reality solutions - AR and VR - with the aim of improving the life and work of each one of us. To do so, we are always looking for paths, technologies, and more advanced ways. We are constantly testing new ways to create exalting and useful experiences. Therefore, our customers are the companies that look for innovative products in order to be more and more competitive.

In short, we don’t just make simple apps, but we’re creating a world so advanced it’s almost magical.


We want to knock down the barriers between the physical world and type in them to improve the working performances.
We want to create a new way to enjoy knowledge, information and data to improve the quality of the life.
We want to progress every day in order to create to something, absolutely, incredibly...