Agile Development

Must, should, could, daily stand-up, time box...

These magical words characterize the activities of our company divisions. We have decided to extend the use of PM Agile methodologies to the entire company aiming to clarify the value that we are producing for our customers.

We plan, implement, monitor and improve in every business.


What is AGILE Development?

People and interactions are more important than processes and tools (i.e. relationships and communication between the participants of a software project are its best resource.
It is more important to have a working software rather than documentation (must release new versions of the software at frequent intervals, while maintaining a simple and technically advanced code, reducing the essential documentation to the minimum
You need to collaborate with your customers while respecting the contract (direct collaboration offers better results in contractual relationships)
You have to be ready to adapt to changes as well as adhere to planning (therefore, the development team should always be ready, at any moment, to adjust their working priorities according to the final goal.