When we say that our project mixes Augmented Reality and Marketing, many are surprised: they imagine straight away sci-fi, or in the best case out-of-reach, strategies. On the other hand, Experiential Marketing is closer to you than you think, and Augmented Reality is the technology on which even the most famous companies are investing in this period (data advance a growth of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to reach $150 billion by 2020).

To explain what we offer to the brands, we often say that it is a WOW experience: thanks to Augmented Reality, the customers are put in front of a Marketing action that can only leave them amazed. But, to show exactly what are the potentialities of Experiential Marketing the best thing is to give examples, as in the video you can watch below:

Using Augmented Reality for Communication

Do you have a restaurant and you want to leave your customers speechless? Easy: we can develop for you an app that augments the menu with your plates, illustrating their ingredients and features.

Furthermore: you have to promote a movie or an event and you will have posters around the city? Our marketing solutions can make this experience unforgettable too: it’s just needed a smartphone and your posters will come to life, becoming multimedia contents and informative links.

Maybe, instead, you need to push a new product on the market: there’s no better way to do so than to make it stand out between competitors with an original interactive packaging.

Some big brands already choose our collaboration: one of our recent works was in this last field, we projected and created the packaging strategy for San Benedetto’s Aquavitamin; take a glance here and get an idea of the infinite possibilities that Experenti can offer to your communication

Did we already tell that this is a period full of news and events for Experenti? Actually, we know we did: if you followed us here on the blog, you already know about our participation at Smau (the italian Information & Communications Technology Fair) Turin and our Prize for the Best Innovation Internship. Now we are happy to announce other two possibilities to meet us and know more about the world of Augmented Reality and its application to avant-garde marketing:


1) Tonight, 26th May 2015, Experenti’s CEO and founder Amir Baldissera will talk about our idea of Augmented Reality at the Intel® Developers meetup #1 on RealSense™ technology in Milan:



2) Friday 5th June 2015 Experenti will be at Smau Bologna for another couple of free workshops:


– Meet Barbara Bonaventura, Experenti’s Marketing Manager, at 2.00 PM in Room 1 to listen her experience related to the startups’ world and the marketing that works:




– At 3.00 PM, again Room 1, you will be able to ask all your questions about Augmented Reality to Experenti’s founder and CEO, Amir Baldissera:




If you will be visiting the Fair, it will be a pleasure to meet you; the seminars are free, but don’t forget to register to Barbara’s workshop here and to Amir’s workshop here.

This is one of those periods happily full of news: while part of the team was around for the events where we presented our project (Smau 2015 in Turin) or busy collecting prizes (Best Innovation Internship), the other part was going on preparing contents to share with you something more about us. Here it is a new long video to show various applications of Augmented Reality in marketing and some ideas of what we can do for your business:

Maybe, before watchin this, you never thought you can use Augmented Reality for:

e. g. an interactive food menu, showing not just only the ingredients of your plates, but even how they look. Yummy, isn’t it?

e. g. 3D catalogues; the public will not just see the pictures of your products, but they will be seeing them as they are right in front of their eyes.

e. g. big data to show, and the classic ways are boring? Or maybe you want to impress your clients? Nothing better than showing them the results in a way that they’ll never forget.

e. g. interactive architecture, to make your projects easily come to life: the best way to give a taste of how they’ll look in every part.

e. g. make all those necessary maintenance work hours fly away: with data and instructions it become easier to find exactly what is needed.

e. g. create engaging packaging by giving a lot more information on the product and showing video and other interactive materials to enhance your customers’ experience.

e. g. what if you could mix reality and digital with just only the click of a smartphone? With us you can do it: your movie posters come to life, showing trailers and interactive information.

Experenti: we are the right choice for your WOW marketing solutions.

In a previous article we announced it, and now we’ll share with you the photos and some reflections: Experenti’s attendance at Smau 2015 Torino has been a success!

The one just ended have been a period rich of events and satisfactions: basically we got off of the stage of Stage.it, where we collected the Prize for the Best Innovation Internship, and right away we departed to reach Turin. As avant-garde reality in the world of Marketing and Technology, Experenti could not miss one of the most important italian fairs for Innovation: we decided to take a bit of WOW Experience even there.

Barbara Bonaventura and Amir Baldissera answered all your question about Augmented Reality, Innovative Marketing and the world of startups. During the afternoon, they held two workshops: it was a pleasure to talk in front of a nice and well prepared public. We want to thank you all for the big participation: as you can see from the pictures, the room was full.


This is just more proof that our precious project is going in the right way and that the two souls of Experenti, the Innovative Marketing Startup one and the Augmented Reality one, are leading the interests of a high level public as the Smau one.

Thank you all again, see you soon at the next events!


We are happy to announce that Experenti won the Prize for the Best Innovation Internship in collaboration with University of Padua and Confindustria.

Research and successful stories start from training, and we know it good. Experenti collaborates with the University of Padua for the development of avant-garde marketing methods, using a team of specialists and professional researchers in the new technologies and frontier of advertising.

More than 150 students were involved in the twelfth edition of Stage.it, the Career Day organized by Ict Lab of Confindustria Padua to promote high level training in Ict, in collaboration with PST Galileo, University of Padua and Ca’ Foscari.

Our company was choose between 141 projects and won the “Prize for the Best Innovation Internship“: impossible not being proud of this.


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Summer is coming, and it means one thing: holidays, relax and, of course, tourism!

People are going to plan their travels, and to buy guidebooks that will help them getting around not missing a good spot they can see in any place they’ll go. But what if we tell you that you can get more from your travels? More information, more engagement, more fun…more WOW! If you are a museum, a city of art or any reality linked to the cultural heritage, we think you could be interested in our work!

Experenti offers a new way of advertising and exploring art, monuments and interesting places. Thanks to Augmented Reality, we can enhance the experience of traveling and touring making it a real unforgettable event in the life of your visitors: we can give life to paintings and artworks with animations, video guides, interactive guides and art catalogues, that your users will see directly on their phone. All the culture they want is already in their pockets.

Some of Experenti’s offers for tourism:

TOUR GUIDES to present in a simple and direct way complex and abstract concepts.

INTERACTIVE MAPS that allow visitors to explore the exhibition space according to personal criteria.

3D CHARTS presenting the evolution of architectural, historical or conceptual of various artefacts or exhibits.

You want to understand better how Experenti works? Try us, it’s easy: just download our press kit here and the app for iOS or Android. Then scan the related tag with your smartphone and be ready to… WOW! 😉

We are happy to announce that the Experenti Team will be taking part at SMAU, the biggest italian Information & Communications Technology Fair, that will take place the 29th-30th April in Turin.

Barbara Bonaventura and Amir Baldissera will be there to answer to all your questions and doubts related to:

  • Augmented Reality
  • Innovative marketing
  • How to create a startup and make it work

In the case you will be at the Fair and want to book a meeting with our Team, you can do it using the hashtag #chiediaExperenti.

Also, in the afternoon we will be talking about our project in two free seminars:

  • 3.00 PM, Room 1: Barbara Bonaventura, Experenti Marketing Manager, will talk about the Marketing that works

  • 2.00 PM, Room 1: Amir Baldissera will explain how Augmented Reality can help a traditional business


If you will be visiting the Fair, you can register for free to Barbara’s workshop here and to Amir’s workshop here.

Breaking news: the new app by Experenti is here!

We are very happy and proud to announce another company that decided to aim for innovation and experiential marketing to present their products.

We worked for the company Modulblok, groundbreaking entity in research and design of anti-seismic storehouses and shelving, creating for them an app that makes their products WOW, just how we like it.

In Modulblok’s app, available free for iOS and Android, you will find up-to-date contents and new 3D to see the main storehouse solutions offered by the company.

You want to try it? It’s easy:

WOW! The experience begins: thanks to Augmented Reality you will be able to see right in front of your eyes a preview of Modulblok’s work.

There’s no doubt: how they say on their site, this is the starting of a new adventure, made of passion, innovation and…WOW experience!

Watch the video to have more information:

As you probably already know, Experenti is a company working with Augmented Reality and Experiential Marketing; this means that we help our clients to make their promotional strategies unforgettable, giving to the user not only the essential information about the product or the service, but also gifting him a true experience through Augmented Reality.

We already recommended to you our Press Kit, which you can download and then use to try our app (free and available for Android and iOS) and get an idea of our work; nonetheless, today we add a new project that we just ended: it’s the work that Experenti made for the famous company San Benedetto.

Our intervention was in range of the promotion of Aquavitamin, non-alcoholic drinks with high content of vitamins in San Benedetto water, and consisted in the creation of a mobile app and of the relative Augmented Reality tags for the product. Aquavitamin’s advertising has been printed on the plastic of water bottles’ package and, once you download and start the Aquavitamin app, you just have to focus it and enjoy your advert experience: all the colored little bottles will appear in front of us through the smartphone’s screen and you will be able to go along and choose the one you want to know more about.

Working with us, San Benedetto found a highly engaging modality of promotion for their Aquavitamin, and also a way of giving all the information about it: colored images and videos will be available on the mobile devices of every San Benedetto customer.

You want to know something more? Watch our explanatory video:

Thanks to the diffusion of smartphones and new technologies, Augmented Reality and Experiential Marketing are every day more spread and used in advertising.

A new example of creative use of these two elements had been added to the case histories some days ago: the platform Curioos, a digital art marketplace helping artists to print and sell their works, launched its new augmented reality app.


Do you still doubt about buying that painting because you are not sure how it will look on your living room wall? Finally, you will have the possibility to try it before the purchase. It will suffice to download the app, print a code that will be sent to you when you request it and to hang it up to your wall, where you would like to see the artwork. Focusing the scene with your smartphone you will see the painting appear.

This news tells a lot about what is the direction that art marketing (and not just that) is taking in last times: while the channels that until some years ago were essential are turning in just secondary parts of brand advertising, new communication frontiers are emerging. Not anymore simple descriptions of the products, but true, vivid experiences.

We know this very well in Experenti: it is not a case that some of the example tags in the Press Kit (Don’t you have it yet? Download it here) are dedicated especially to art and its presentation.

Follow us in the visit of Van Gogh exhibition: you just have to scan his famous “Starry Night” and load the content. When you will hit “play” the WOW experience will start.




Now maybe you want to visualize some design products, or even show your architecture projects in 3D.



This is possible, now and easily.

Experenti: we help your contents becoming an adventure.