One of the most interesting augmented reality applications is for sure the educational field: the nature of this technology itself, with its power of adding data to the physical world, makes it pretty useful when we talk about teaching and learning. In the past we saw some examples as the study of medicine or geology, as well as the creation of learning courses for children.

We at Experenti are big fans of the constant learning, especially if it has a dash of avant-garde technology; we are very happy, therefore, about one of the most recent collaborations we had the luck of developing: the one with Arcadia Consulting, reality that researches the connections between learning and new technologies.

The mission of Arcadia, first and only hub dedicated to technologies and methods for learning, is in fact to offer not the usual courses, but to help people learn in an easier, faster and funnier way. What better way than with augmented reality?

Following this thought, we developed for them the application ARgo+, that will permit you to live the experience of learning through Arcadia’s courses in an unforgettable way.

It will be enough to download the app, available for free for Android and iOS , on your mobile device and, after launching it, focus on the tags you can find on the official site: try yourself and be amazed!

You can find the list of the apps created by Experenti on Google Play  and iTunes.

We are very proud to announce that Experenti has been chosen again by StartupItalia among the 100 most innovative Italian startups!

StartupItalia from two years had been monitoring the ambient of startups and innovative ideas in Italy, and every year, as a result of their research, they publish a list of 100 startup chosen on the basis of different criteria, from the innovation one to the value added from the project to the startup ecosystem; this year they organized also the unmissable Open Summit, held on the 14th December in Milan.

Experenti took part to the Open Summit as innovative startup, part of the selected list. It’s been a good occasion to meet colleagues and representative of other startups, and to wish everyone in advance an happy festive period.

We want to thank StartupItalia for including us in this list and all those people that everyday believe in our project!

You can find the list of the 100 selected startups on the official blog: Ecco le 100 startup migliori del 2015 secondo noi

Expo 2015 just ended and Experenti took part in it too: in the occasion of this event, we created an app to augment the cultural, natural and enogastronomic paths of Veneto, a wonderful region of Northern Italy.

The app is called “Veneto Experience” and it’s been created to apply experiential marketing to the promotion of the territory: thanks to augmented reality it is possible to know Veneto’s history and excellence products, choosing the right itinerary for us.

How does it work? It’s easy! You just have to find the visual material linked to the initiative and to download the app, freely available for Android and iOS; now you just have to focus on the tags on flyers and promotional material and…to live the experience of exploring the rich territory of this marvelous region in an innovative and interactive way!

– You want to browse among all the available places? The app offers maps with dynamic POI (point of interest): focusing with your mobile device, the map of Veneto comes to life and shows the various point of interest; on the side you’ll find a menu to choose the categories you prefer: you can visualize pins related to nature, art and culture, industry, handicraft, agribusiness or touristic services.
When touching the pins on the screen an augmented reality pop-up will appear, showing information about the place and related images.

– First time in Veneto and you don’t know what to choose? Veneto Experience can help you: in addition to the thematic POI, the app lets you choose also between four set itineraries, studied to focus on just as many excellences.

– If this isn’t enough, there’s another feature that will make you say WOW: do you know the winged lion, symbol of Venice? Well, he will be your special guide! Inside the app you will find an augmented reality virtual assistant with the venetian lion appearance; he will answer your questions and help you creating the right map, guiding you through interests, topics and zones.

We are very proud to announce that Experenti has been selected among the 8 finalist projects of the startup competition promoted by Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria in the occasion of the Capri meeting, this year dedicated to the Italian Heritage.


The competition will take place Saturday, October 17, 3pm, at Grand Hotel Quisisana on the marvellous Island of Capri, and it will consist, for every finalist, of a 3 minutes presentation pitch followed by 2 minutes Q&A; it will be the occasion to present the projects to the entrepreneurs taking part to the event.

The startup competition will be part of a biggest event, the Capri meeting, an annual appointment organized by Giovani Imprenditori del Sud, this year at its 30° edition, that will take place at Grand Hotel Quisisana October 16 and 17.
For this edition the theme will be “Italian Heritage”:

“We have an enormous heritage. We have to use it the best we can.
It is the Italian Heritage.”

The event is open to everyone and free; if you want to meet in person our team you can register here

The Experenti Team returns to SMAU, the biggest italian Information & Communications Technology Fair, for the gran finale in Milan!

The Fair, from over 50 years the most relevant in the italian IT field both for companies and professionals, will be in Milan from 21th to 23th October, together with the ending period of EXPO 2015, taking the wind of innovation to the city.

Experenti will be there with a double appointment: Amir Baldissera and Barbara Bonaventura will be waiting for you Wednesday and Friday with two free workshops to close the SMAU edition of this year talking about marketing that works and augmented reality!

Come to meet us in person following our seminars:

Wednesday 21th October
h. 12.00, Sala 2 Pad. 1:

Amir Baldissera, CEO at Experenti, will explain how Augmented Reality can help a traditional business during the workshop “Nuovi strumenti per vendere, comunicare e istruire: la Realtà Aumentata“:


Friday 23th October
h. 13.30, Sala 2 Pad. 1:

Barbara Bonaventura, Marketing Manager at Experenti, will talk about the Marketing that works in her speech “E se il marketing non funziona? Come abbandonare le vecchie abitudini e trovare nuovi clienti“:


We look forward to your participation at our two appointments at

SMAU Milano,
padiglioni 1 e 2 di FieramilanoCity,
Viale Teodorico – Milano

Don’t forget to register for the events: you can do it for free to Barbara’s workshop here and to Amir’s workshop here.

Good news! Today we welcome another client among our collaborations: meet Corà Parquet, company leader in the world of wood products and flooring in Italy, and their new, emotive and experiential promotion.

Experenti created for them the application called “Corà Parquet Live”: thanks to augmented reality, through the app you will be able to browse Corà’s entire products catalogue directly on your smartphone or tablet, using your real indoor ambient and rooms as landscape, so to have a preview of what the result will be.

You will be also able to compare the different products, to take pictures and to ask via mail all the information you need about them.

One of the best parts is you will not be alone in your “augmented” adventure discovering the world of Corà: you will have the company of Arte, an avatar who will come to life in front of your eyes to become your virtual assistant and help you choose the very right product for you.

Do you want to try this new application and to know better Corà’s catalogue?

You can download for free the app, available for iOS and Android, and the tag we prepared for it (you will find it also on the dedicated section of the company site or on the last page of their catalogue Corà Parquet 2016); then you just need to focus on it with your mobile device and an unforgettable experience will start: just choose between the different ranges of products or colors available and you will see your new wooden floor directly in your room.

Ready for WOW? Let us take you on a trip for an Experenti experience, where real and virtual world are meeting to leave you speechless!

One of the most amazing uses for augmented reality is for sure its application to furnishing and interior design: how many of us ever dreamt to be able to see the furnishing directly in the room before buying it? Not everyone has the interior design eye and sometime to understand before buying if the colour match is the right one or if there’s enough space for the comfortable sofa we want is not really easy.

That’s why in this field the use of augmented reality and related apps is always a good extra. For sure no one knows this better than Urban Ladder, that counted on experiential marketing launching some months ago the app “Living Spaces”, dedicated particularly to their sofa line. The Urban Ladder app works in a way we already saw in other occasions (e.g. the design and art e-commerce platform Curioos): we just need to have a mobile device on which download the free “Living Spaces” app, then to focus the space of the room where we would like our sofa and…the magic is done! Thanks to augmented reality, the furniture will appear directly in the spot where we want to put our furniture and we just need to change colours, models and disposition of the pieces. Choosing furniture has never been so easy and fun!

If you want to try yourself augmented reality applied to design and furnishing, and maybe think of a possible application of it for your marketing? With Experenti this is not sci-fi!

You just have to download for free our app on your smartphone or tablet (Android and iOS) and the example tags on the Experenti kit (you can find them here): one of them is dedicated exactly to interior design and you can chose the best lamp for your room! 😉


Thanks to all the people who came to meet us yesterday at Smau Firenze: as usual it’s been a pleasure to talk in front of an active and interested audience.

Below are some pictures taken during the workshops by Amir Baldissera and Barbara Bonaventura: full rooms and a loving public, we couldn’t ask for more!




Barbara and Amir will be waiting for you at Smau Milano, after the summer pause, for the last roadshow stage: they will talk once more of marketing that works, augmented reality and…Experenti, of course!

Continue to follow our news on augmented reality here on the blog and on Experenti’s official Facebook page.

Here we go again!

Experenti continues its road show at SMAU, the biggest italian Information & Communications Technology Fair, this time arriving in Florence for the last stage of the event before the summer.

Tuesday 24th July we will be at Firenze Fiera, Congress and Exhibition Center, to answer to all your questions and doubts about:

– Augmented Reality

– Innovative marketing

– How to create a startup and make it work

We will present two free workshops to talk about the incredible world of startups and the new ways of contemporary Marketing with Barbara Bonaventura, while Amir Baldissera, CEO at Experenti, will talk to you about the advantages of augmented reality in the fields of communication, sales and education.

You will find our Team at these times and places:

2.00 PM, Room 1: Amir Baldissera will explain how Augmented Reality can help a traditional business


4.00 PM, Room 1: Barbara Bonaventura, Experenti Marketing Manager, will talk about the Marketing that works


You can register for free to Barbara’s workshop here and to Amir’s workshop here.

We’ll look forward to see you at SMAU 2015 in Florence!

News, news, news!

We are very happy to announce that Experenti has been selected between the 6 finalist projects that will be presented at Web Marketing Festival 2015 in Rimini (Italy)!

The competition was huge and prepared, so we are even more proud of being selected.

During the two days of festival we will have the possibility to present our project in front of a public made of the most important professional of the italian digital world, of investors and experts, that will be able to chose to support our idea. Moreover, we will compete to the win of a prize offered by one of the sponsors of the event, the company SiQuri.

We’ll be waiting for you in Rimini the 19th and 20th June at the Europe’s most complete event dedicated to Web Marketing: 22 themed rooms and 120 speeches, and also an area for the most innovative projects, between which you’ll find us too.

You can sign up for the event on the official site, and don’t forget to follow it on social media searching for #wmf15!