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Do you want to show all the products in a small space?

Furnishings Simulator

Beauty must not be described, but lived.

Through the furnishing simulator it is possible to bring to life our creations and excite our customers. Imagine being able to always carry the whole production range with you and to be able to present it directly at the customer's location.

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Corà Parquet Live

cora-parquet-2Thanks to augmented reality, the Corà Parquet Live app allows you to view the range of Corà Parquet products on your smartphone or tablet using the interiors of your environment as a context, so to obtain a real-time preview of the final installation.
Let yourself be guided by Arte, our avatar, in the product catalogue: it will be able to describe the peculiarities of each individual covering.


  1. Download the app from your device's store.
  2. Open the app
  3. Frame your floor

VR Experience

Do you want your customers to live an unforgettable experience?
Do you want to test the products directly at the store?
Do you want to show the whole product catalogue in a small space?

With virtual reality it is possible to immerse the user in any type of digital environment.  The virtual experience emotionally involves him and allows him to interact almost physically with the brand's products. It can also be used when there is no physical space to display all the items in the catalogue (eg fair).

Do you want an example?

San Marco VR

San Marco VR is an immersive experience, created for Colorificio San Marco, composed of 6 different types of apartments in virtual reality, each with a different style. For each apartment it is possible to apply on the walls all the paintings and decorations available, with particular attention to those that are recommended for that style of furniture. San Marco VR will be integrated into the stores of the brand to help the consumer’s choice, allowing him to see the final result before the purchase.

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Virtual Prototyping

How to eliminate design errors before commencing production?

Through virtual prototyping, architects, engineers, designers ... can preview the finished project. Therefore they analyze and assess projects better, eliminating all errors made during the design phase.

Do you want an example??

Caminetti Montegrappa VR Prototype

cmg_prototipatore1Caminetti Montegrappa VR Prototype
Caminetti Montegrappa has decided to use Virtual Reality to reduce prototyping time and costs, allowing technicians to interact with models thanks to an HTC Vive viewer.
In the virtual environment it will be possible to enlarge or reduce the products, move or rotate them within the scene, raise them to be able to see the model from below in its entirety, open doors and change the color of the stove.
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Professionalism and competence have characterized all the work phases with Experenti. The developed solution has allowed us to achieve the set results.

Davide Bottalico

Digital Healthcare and Innovation Director - Takeda Italia
Experenti has created an experience that has allowed us to differentiate our company and stand out within the market.

Annamaria Rizzato

Marketing Director - Colorificio San Marco

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